The input high level signal (VIH) can exceed the. VDD supply voltage when these devices are used for logic level conversions. This device is intended for use as. Nexperia B.V. All rights reserved. HEFB. All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. Product data sheet. The HCCUB/B (extended temperature range) and the HCFUB/ B (intermediate temperature range) are monolithic integrated cir-.

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Search everywhere only in this topic. Liquid Mercury Tap Phaser. This post was updated on. Another great project by David Rolo from Madbean’s forum: One of the most difficult layouts I’ve ever drawn!

Not verified but I think it should match the schematic. You’ve gotta be kidding me. In reply to this post by Alex. Alex, you are a genius. It does look insane! Just looking at the number of links i feel a bit of nausea don’t know why but i find links annoying. Having already done a layout for the Twin Peaks I thought this had to be done.

From the video, the pedal really sounds amazing! I’ve double checked the schematic twice a huge task by itself! Alex, you seem to be the fearless vero designer!

Without being disrespectful to all other members here. But it seems you don’t get impressed by facing a schematic with a printed A2 size So, I’d like to 4049ue would you take requests? I was taking a look at the bad stone, having listened to some demos, sounds to me like a great phaser, what do you think about?


I have a vintage Small Stone phaser and it sounds very dattasheet like the online demos of the Bad Stone but doesn’t go as deep. Also, I just saw a demo of the Bad Stone’s manual mode, and it’s like getting the Dunlop Q-Zone along with your phaser i. So if Alex has some spare time Need to find the time. I would probably use TLs in place of s to reduce the size. Do you have a schematic of the manual mode?

Hi Alex – if you look at the above schematic, SW2 switches the modes. It looks like the manual mode bypasses the LFO so you just get the tone shaping part of the circuit.

SGS Thomson Microelectronics

If you listen to some online demos, the 4049uube mode is quite cool! So, it will need a big box but it’ll be worth it! I must be getting old! If you look at the data sheets, the main difference is that source voltage is pin 1 on the versus 16 on the There is a Vcc pin 1 on which appears to be connected to pin 3 – I would just leave that off as it’s not needed on the In 4049ueb case, note that the inputs to the inverters are the same – namely, the voltage downstream of the 10K resistor.


CD 4049 (UBE)

Having a look at datasheet i saw that pins 16 and 13 were shown as NC Not connected, i suppose. Yes both are unconnected on the Dxtasheet pin 1 on the is unnecessary. 4049uge those i’ve found VCC is on pin 1 same as Alex you’re a madman. My head hurts just looking at this. Just connect the voltage downstream of R25 to pin 1 and you’re good. I’ll make sure to check all this out when I build it.

IC Hex inverter Datasheet – Square wave oscillator

I may datashset some bigger hunks somewhere Started drawing it and realized there’s no way it would feet in a regular BB box. I know some people hate them but I think the best way to go would be standing resistors. What are the layout dimensions right now? Actually, I don’t mind standing resistors.

UBE NTE Equivalent NTE IC-CMOS HEX BUFFER – Wholesale Electronics

In fact, datasheer are easier to install than most capacitors, so feel free to use them if it means a more compact layout. In reply to this post by Alex That is In reply to this post by Alex Alex, you seem to be the fearless vero designer! In reply to this post by Alex Holy crap. Free forum by Nabble.