Get the sfxpw – Accessible FormNet – gsa. Description. Standard Form . 4 Tii?i??biklglgooo PUBLIC VOUCHER. Voucher No .. To access the forms, restart your browser and go to After you have installed and verified that Accessible FormNetTM Fill is working. Introduction The General Services Administration (GSA) is committed to making all of our Internet GSA’s forms server uses the Accessible FormNet Software.

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Monthly bulletins summarize publicized investigative frm and adjudicated cases by EPA’s Criminal Enforcement special agents, forensic specialists, and legal support staff.

Geospatial Platform This website provides ready access to federally maintained geospatial data, services and applications.

Overseas Compliance Assessment Protocols.

GSA – SF Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

The lists do not include states, territories or tribes covered only by federal standards applicable to multiple states, such as the Bacteria Rule for Coastal and Great Lakes Waters, and acecssible National Toxics Rule.

Port Compliance This web site was put together as part of accessivle port industry focus group effort. The e-CFR prototype is a demonstration project. Starting on page of the attached file, a section by section, paragraph by paragraph discussion is recorded as to the intent of the regulation. Each fact sheet describes the types of facilities included in the sector, typical pollutants associated with the sector, and types of stormwater control measures used to minimize the discharge of the pollutants.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rules This website provides background information, guidance, fact sheets, and tools to facilitate understanding the requirements of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 rules as well as implementing them.

This EPA website links to state requirements and training opportunities for drinking water facility operators. This tool could be used by states, territories, tribes, local governments, industry, municipalities and stormwater management districts.

Facilitation skills are used to form productive teams, plan programs, and to implement controversial projects. Registrants will be given to an Adobe Connect link that provides access to the webinar.

FedCenter – Environmental Compliance

Conferences and Events February Thousands of American workers use solvents every day in industrial, commercial, and other non-residential settings. The curriculum includes a general review of hazardous waste regulations as they relate to the waste handler’s job; identification and labeling requirements; health hazards; storage compatibility; spill response; safety data sheets SDS ; and hazardous waste classification.


RCRA Online This is a database is designed to enable users to locate documents, including publications and other outreach materials, that cover a wide range of RCRA issues and topics. Federal Facilities and the CWA.

Database of EPA’s frequently asked questions. It is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation.

IT Accessibility Curriculum and Resources

EPA has ten regional offices. State Regulations Locator Tool. Lead Activities Training Classroom. While the guide does not recommend a specific course of action, it establishes a tiered framework of essential components, beginning with those standards where a deviation presents the greatest potential public health, environmental, and business risks.

ASTM E, Standard Guide accesssible Environmental Compliance Performance Assessment This guide is an organized collection of information and series of options for industry, regulators, auditors, consultants and the public, intended to measure compliance with environmental performance standards against established benchmarks. Provides links to compliance assistance resources users should know about. It provides basic information needed to meet the forty hours training requirements of 29 CFR National Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals The roster search and referral system is accessible to anyone contemplating the use of consensus building and dispute resolution services where environmental, natural resources, or public lands issues are involved.

The course is intended for military Active duty or a adcessible service employee working in air compliance whether at regional or facility level.

These regulations establish maximum contaminant levels, treatment techniques, and monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure that water systems provide safe water to their customers.

For compliance auditing tools and documentsclick here. A list of accessibility tools. Executive Orders Library These are presidential documents which require Federal facilities to perform an action, participate in an activity, or develop and implement an environmental-related policy. The Auditing Roundtable A professional organization dedicated to the development and professional practice of environmental, health, and safety EHS auditing.

Thermodynamics and Combustion Web-based, On Demand Explore thermodynamics, heat transfer and combustion during this video series. The Access Boarda U. This 5-day course is designed for personnel involved with the investigation and remediation of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and, to a lesser extent, response to an accident involving hazardous materials.


Compliance, emission inventories and processes, sampling, permitting, pollution prevention and reduction strategy, control technology, indoor air quality, resource management, Afcessible perspective, conformity, sampling and analysis modeling, emission control technology and emission credits. Introduction to Ambient Air Monitoring Web-based, On Demand This course introduces terms used in ambient air monitoring and presents practical information about the monitoring process.


Originally offered by the EPA’s Water Permits Division in September acceswible, this 2-h course forknet intended to inform interested parties who might otherwise be unfamiliar with the requirements of the National Pretreatment Program.

This site provides guidance for developing SWPPPs for construction activities as well as providing templates. This memorandum, dated 25 Januaryfom the “once in always in” policy for the classification of major sources of hazardous air pollutants under section of the Clean Air Act. It was designed for use by watershed and stormwater practitioners to develop, evaluate, and select optimal BMP combinations at various watershed scales on the basis of cost and effectiveness.

This site enables users to search and comment on EPA regulations and significant guidance documents, and to learn how environmental regulations are written. Federal Bans on Asbestos. Project EnCriPT is a training resource for various aspects of environmental enforcement. Federal Facilities and the CAA. EPA’s ECHO provides integrated compliance and enforcement information for aboutregulated ofrm nationwide.

This EPA tool is a desktop application that estimates the annual amount of rainwater and frequency of runoff from a specific site anywhere in the United States including Puerto Rico. The overall goal of the course is for attendees to come away with an understanding vormnet principles and techniques for maintaining a professional demeanor while managing conflict, as well as knowledge of strategies that help keep a conflict from getting in the way of productivity.

This website provides background information, guidance, fact sheets, and tools to facilitate understanding the requirements of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 rules as well as implementing them. Any federally proposed or promulgated replacement water quality standards are also identified.