Acropora hyacinthus is a coral that forms large, low, roughly circular tables or semi-circular brackets. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide. PDF | On Jan 1, , Fumihito Iwase and others published Artificial breeding method of Acropora hyacinthus (Scleractinia, Cnidaria). original description (ofAcropora conferta (Quelch, )) Quelch, J.J. Report on the reef-corals collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years

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Madrepora Polystachys hyacinthus Dana, previous combination.

ORA worked with the red planet for over 2 years before releasing that coral. Log in or Sign up. Just would like a little green. Draft saved Draft deleted.

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Dec 16, Messages: Acropora Polystachus hyacinhus Dana, previous combination. Australian Institute of Marine Species. With it being so fragile, I’m hesitant in ever touching it. Ever since that happened I can’t get the tips blue again.

It has strongly inclined branchlets. Acropora turbinata Dana, Retrieved 5 September The one drawback with them is as they grow, they make a big shadow.


Showing plate formation in exposed habitat. One of the most abundant corals of exposed outer reef slopes of much of the western Pacific.

Madrepora Polystachys surculosa Dana, Synonymy. Is the red planet A. Retrieved 14 August Branches are thin and finely structured except where exposed to wave action, when they become closely fused.

Retrieved 5 January Connect with us ‘. Hyacintuus corallites are cup-shaped and form rosettes. World Register of Marine Species. Colonies are often tiered.

The radial corallites give the tips a rosette-like appearance. Salinity 35 ppt Calcium Alk 2. Acropora surculosa Dana, synonymy. LOL Have you had success fragging them? Madrepora surculosa Dana, synonymy. Acropora hyacinthus Dana, It is by far one of my favs. All Fact Sheets Acropora hyacinthus Acropora hyacinthus Hywcinthus, Colonies are wide flat plates and tables or tiered aggregations of small plates.

Axial corallites are not exsert. Here is a pic of my green a.

Acropora Hyacinthus

Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS. Brad SyphusFeb 13, I have trouble keeping it green. Blackhawk FanFeb 17, Acropora spiciferaAcropora tanegashimensis Taxonomic note: It was described by Nemenzo in Not listed on their website. Acropora spiciferaAcropora tanegashimensis. Do you already have an account? I beleive it was my third try before I could finally get one to grow.


WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Acropora hyacinthus (Dana, )

Acripora your tank cycle is over Madrepora Polystachys sinensis Brook, Synonymy. This species is commonest in less than 3 or 4 m depth, where it is a very consistent component of the surf zone on exposed reef crests. This species usually shows emerged, long and waving tentacles during the daytime. MikeBFeb 17, The species looks similar to Acropora cytherea. I got mine from a local who got it from Leishman. When I do frag it I have to let the frag completely heal in my tank before Xcropora give it out or else it will die.