Recoil® inserts are made from a wide range of materials with various coatings to suit virtually any type of equipment manufacturing. Arconic has the expertise to. Recoil’s range of thread repair kits, wire thread inserts and complementary products enable you to carry out fast and efficient repair of damaged or stripped. bisco industries is a premier stocking distributor for Recoil Inserts (Alcoa). Get pricing and availability for Recoil Inserts (Alcoa) products online.

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Reduced stress concentration thereby extending fatigue life. Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Phone: Angle error Pitch error Recoil compensation effect Recoil insert in semi-installed position 1.

For particularly demanding or extreme high-vibration applications, Recoil offers a screw-locking design, which provides a superior locking function in the female thread. Edge Dimensions The minimum edge distance recommended recojl the aloca diameter of the STI tap measured from the edge of the material to the center-line of the hole.

How a Recoil Insert Works Insert installation and retention Uninstalled, Recoil inserts are greater in diameter than the tapped hole in the parent material into which they are to be installed. Stress concentration problems which typically occur in.

Recoil products carry a global reputation for delivering. Area A2, 1st Floor. The standard Recoil free-running insert provides for easy.


Failure of threaded components when loaded.

Hand Installation Tools

Insert installation and retention. Equally distributed load over all tapped threads. To achieve the optimum bolt engagement and hence maximum strength, the tang should be removed from the aalcoa.

Recoil Regional Distribution Centres.

Do not attempt to twist tang off with tool. It is recommended that the user secure specific, up-to-date data and information. The recommended minimum material thickness for through-hole applications is equal to the nominal length of the insert plus. Thread strengthening needs to be fast, reliable and cost effective – decades of engineering experience means Recoil products carry a global reputation for delivering these OEM essentials. For minimum requirements, a wall thickness of twice the bolt diameter to center line may be adequate.

Recoil inserts, when installed correctly in tapped and gauged holes, will conform with the tapped hole dimensions once the insert. Uninstalled, Recoil inserts are greater in diameter than the tapped hole in the.

Alcoa Recoil Catalog

How to install Recoil inserts. Gauging of the tapped hole with the appropriate gauges prior to installing Recoil inserts is therefore highly recommended. Level 6, Constantia It is therefore important that the tapped hole tolerances of either 2B or 3B unified threadsor the applicable 4H5H and 5H metric threads combinations must be carefully controlled by precise tapping and gauging operations. In design critical applications, the minimum thickness may be reduced by eliminating the countersink and installing.


Class of Thread Fit All Recoil inserts are produced to exacting tolerances where installation into the tapped hole will conform exactly to the parent material thread characteristics.

Place insert on installation tool, positioning the adjustable top so that the insert tang is centered in the tang slot. A Recoil insert will dimensionally adjust both radially and axially, to any expansion or contraction within the parent material.

Bolt Engagement Maximum strength of the bolted insert assembly will be achieved if the bolt or screw engages the full length of the insert. Boss thickness is a function of size and strength.

Recoil Alcoa M14 Spark Plug Kit

Place tap into tap wrench or use the square drive in the installation tool if provided. With a choice of free-running or screw-locking designs. Unequal distribution of bolt load over engaged threads. Square drive tool only suitable for tapping non-ferrous alloys.

Recoil ® Wire Thread Inserts

KolkataWB India. Class of Thread Fit.

The information contained in this publication is only for general guidance with regard to properties of the.