ANSI/ESD S – Hard Copy. ESD Association Standard for the Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items – Packaging Materials. ANSI/ESD S Packaging Materials for ESD Sensitive Items. Posts about ANSI/ESD S written by Desco. Antistatic is the ESD control property properly referred to as “low charging”. This is an important property for all.

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See Annex B for device damage information. An impressive demonstration of the Faraday cage effect is that of an aircraft being struck by lightning. If electric field shielding materials are used to provide discharge shielding, a material that provides a barrier to current flow insulator must be used in combination with the electric field shielding material.

Dissipative or conductive materials for intimate contact. These tests can, for example, involve the following: But where do you start? This can be illustrated by considering bags.


Energy from direct discharge and electric fields may impact the item in a manner that does not allow the energy to equalize through the shunt, but instead through the a541. ESD packaging will have special material composition to lower the resistance so that when grounded, electrostatic charges will be removed to ground.


Protektive Pak Impregnated Corrugated Box with lid. Dissipative or Conductive Resistance. While most types of packaging not for static sensitive items provide physical and environmental protection, it also may harm static sensitive electronic items by allowing the accumulation or the discharge of static electricity.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. See Annex B for more information. Forms include polystyrene or soybean foam pellets, paper, and air filled bladders.

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Specific amounts of resistance are useful for different purposes. If rigorous handling is expected, cushioned packaging may need to be considered.

The ESDA Standards Chairman may make comments limited to an explanation or clarification of the technical language or provisions in a standard, but not related to its application to specific products and manufacturers. See Annex G for absi about determining discharge shielding properties.

ANSI/ESD S | Protektive Pak Blog

While not necessarily at ground potential, the fact that parts of the item share the same potential means that damaging current will not flow ezd them. Protects packaged items from the effects of static discharge that are external to the package.

Discharge Shielding Protects packaged items from the effects of static discharge that are external to the package.

Also, remember that ESD packaging should be marked. Volume resistance of planar materials. Where the package exterior is isolated from the package interior and therefore the device, it is possible for w541 on the package to discharge to the device as it is removed from the package. Materials that have reduced amounts of charge accumulation as compared with standard packaging materials.


This layout shows an “islands of protection” approach to ESD safeguards. Understand the product sensitivity Wsd can gather information about the ESD sensitivity of an item by either measuring it in-house, contacting the manufacturer of the product or by analyzing published ESD sensitivity data.

Disposable or one-time only packaging? The ESD Association sells most of their documents. A class of chemicals called antistats is frequently used to make packaging low charging.

Some companies choose less expensive packaging for less valuable parts. Field-shielding materials classified according to section 7. At the time the version was prepared, the Note that the unit of measurement for conductive and for dissipative is surface or volume resistance in ohms; not resistivity. The packaging generally ed physical and environmental protective qualities.

Resistance is no longer the only property that is used to classify ESD packaging.