Anything For You Ma’am By Tushar Raheja Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Original Language Unknown, Edition: , Isbn: X. Anything for You, Ma’am: An IITian’s Love Story by Tushar Raheja is a national best-selling romantic novel about the boy who is ready to travel the entire length . Anything for You, Ma’am [Tushar Raheja] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tejas Narulas college misadventures and comic.

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And when things go wrong; they will, at any rate; All we can do, is just wait.

He obtained his B. Wonedr what YOUR rank was This was borrowed from my roommate. I had emailed the author on Valentine’s Anytuing. Because whatever else I say about this book, it does have an entertaining story. But I do remember hating every bit of it.

Tushar Raheja can surprise you. On the verge to take up his journey, Tejas tries all the best possible adventures. Actually I picked up this book because a friend of mine asked to read it.

Anything for You Ma’am | Tushar Raheja | Book Review

Also, please avoid coincidences, one cannot accept them even in movies nowadays, leave alone books. What a drama queen I had been. A Voice in the Wilderness Aug 15, Makrand rated it liked it Shelves: Flip the pages if yu want a lesser painful alternative to slashing your wrists.

Tushar Raheja born [1] is an Indian storyteller and mathematics researcher based in Delhi. Well I had read this book long back, maybe in my late Teen days and at that time I had loved this silly Romance. There is a session opened in another device.

I want to read the book!

Do you have any further concern? Some editing and the book will deserve 5 starts all throughout! Cookies help us deliver our services.


As seen in the book, there are various antics the author describes like Faking a trip, Breaking his own legs, Writing letters etc which the protagonist does to meet the love of rayeja life.

This book doesn’t have anything that i expected, but thank god, it didn’t have any sleazy, cheap scenes like the ones of CB.

Raheja is one of the few authors in India to combine widespread popularity [6] [7] with critical acclaim. But Ratty spots a strange anomaly: Leave Your Comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It has remained on the national best-selling charts since the time it was published. His first book Anything for you, Maam, a comedy, was published in while he was an undergrad student in college.

Only Agatha Christie could raheha devised cases worthy of Hercule Poirot’s skill and “little gray cells. Raheja chose not to climb on the bandwagon of formulaic books but instead devoted himself to mathematical research and the study of narration. In exchange for a small monthly fee you can download and read all of the books offered in our catalogue on any device mobile, tablet, e-reader with web navigator or PC.

Hill’s messages in her works are simple in nature: Has the focus shifted from language and story telling to retain only story telling? I’ve never heard of rahejz book, though.

Anything for You, Ma’am, by Tushar Raheja: FREE Book Download

Anything for you, Ma’am shot to national fame after its review in The Hindu headlined Outsourcing Wodehouse. But please don’t worry, you still have more than 1 million other books to choose from, so you can read without limits! Here i understood that its just because the author himself is a 4th year student at IITD!!! Kumar – LibraryThing Anything for you ma’am is a good love story with the elements of friendship and collage life, although the book seems to target advance readers too much reference used i.


Mar 17, Rikky Bhartia rated it did not like it. Henryk Sienkiewicz 0 1 0 Classic historical novel. Feb 21, Ashwini Vaishali rated it did not like it.

Anything for you Ma’am – Read book online

Alone and helpless, she pins her hope on a man to help her but it soon backfires and Margaret finds herself running away in sheer desperation. This crap doesn’t have even campus life or wit to keep me going.

His writing has been compared to that of P. But what’s the real story behind the hashtags? Don’t compare him with Chetan Bhagat. His first book Anything for you, Ma’ama comedy, was published in [2] while he was an undergraduate student in college.

Other editions – View all Anything for you, ma’am: Although it was the author deviated a bit in the middle with his long descriptions and his filmy ending, the way he describes little joys in the life, monsoons, train journey and little poetry in the middle was very good.

Anything for You, Ma’am: An IITian’s Love Story

I look back at the struggle of my first book and wonder if Tushar Raheja had to go through the same? View all 12 comments. Feb 03, Divya Tinnanuri rated it really liked it. The author would be better off having a blog site writing funny blogs and earning revenue from the google ads on his blog.