In Manual mode, you control everything. Press the Start/Stop button to start and stop recording, and advance recording to the next track with the Next button. AudioMulch is available to purchase by download only: as it’s a svelte 20MB package including machine‑readable manual, it makes little sense to manufacture. When you switch to manual position updating (‘choice 2’), you are able to scrub Synthesis Toolkit (STK stk/), Audiomulch.

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If you know about something that should be listed here please let us know. Tracks For information about all parameters in the Track Grid, see Instructions below.

AudioMulch Tutorials | AudioMulch

The track is recording but will finish recording and stop as soon as the next synchronization point arrives. The Property Editor contains a Track Grid, consisting of 16 columns. To find out about some of the musicians using the program, visit the AudioMulch web site and see the discography for a list of commercially released music made with AudioMulch.

Control The Control button lets you control the activity of each track. Relevant posts are linked below. These video screencast tutorials for new users provide a quick way to get started.

It is possible to make the synchronization boundaries occur at multiples or subdivisions of Track 1 by selecting Multiples of Track 1 or Subdivisions of Track 1 from audiomulcu drop-down list to the right of Sync to. The track is recording. What’s New in AudioMulch 2. Remember to press play.

LiveLooper | Help File | AudioMulch

Adjusting Contraption Properties Learn the fundamentals of working with contraptions. Click here to view the AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable audiomylch format. Explore the example files that come with AudioMulch.


Length The Length indicator displays the track’s length as a fraction or multiple of Track 1’s length.

Next NextRecordTrack Advances the recording process to the next track. The Enable modes and their abbreviations are described below. Track 1 provides master timing information that the other tracks depend on. Learn more Click here to view audiomulhc AudioMulch help file in tablet-friendly, printable pdf format.


The track will be the next track recorded. LiveLooper supports recording and playback of up to 16 tracks. What’s New in AudioMulch 2. The track has a loop recorded into it, but it is currently not playing, it is stopped. If you want to stop recording before the limit is reached, press the Stop button. Illuminating the Shaper contraption Offsite tutorials and education resources AudioMulch tutorials and lesson plans available elsewhere on the web: End of Composite Cycle c The track will wait until all tracks end simultaneously before it stops or starts playing.

Immediate i The track will start and stop in direct response to the Control button. To open the Example Files directory, go audionulch the File menu, select Open, and double-click on mqnual Examples folder. The help file is always available while using AudioMulch.

AudioMulch is regularly updated with improvements and new features. To access this menu, click on the button in the Enable row, at the bottom of each track’s column. The following links are from the AudioMulch web site.

What’s New in 2. End all Stops all currently playing tracks. When you click Clear, a confirmation dialog pops up to ensure you don’t accidentally delete a track. See Checking for Software Updates for instructions on how to check for software updates.

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This parameter cannot be changed during recording. Working in the Patcher Pane Learn to patch together contraptions using simple and more advanced methods.

What’s New in AudioMulch 2. LiveLooper records and plays back up to 16 synchronized loop tracks.

Auto-chain variable mode works like Auto-chain fixedexcept that the first loop of each chain and hence all the other loops in that chain can be a different length. You can click the record button on any empty track to select it as the next track to record into. Watch the video tutorials linked below to learn how to use AudioMulch. What’s New in 2. Read descriptions of the example files here. Home Info What is AudioMulch? Determines how many tracks will be recorded one after the other once Start is pressed.

Getting Started Learn how to create contraptions and patches, how to hear audio, and get a brief introduction to some of the other key features of the program.

While recording, the input is played through to the track’s output if the record monitor check box is checked. Provides in-depth information for the more advanced user. With the default settings, Track 1 can be any length, and all subsequent loops will be multiples of Track 1’s length. The track is empty, no sound has been recorded into it.