Here’s a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I’ve come up me running BSG games (although we’re playing it as a variant of d20 modern. Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. (although we’re playing it as a. Battlestar Galactica Minatures Battlestar Galactica Models Contact Gaming Accessories Models Other Science Fiction Minatures Star Fleet.

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And what fleet would be complete without. Ellen Tigh I see opportunities for Prestige Classes, like Oracle especially since it’s pretty clear they actually do have some precognative abilities. The only place where it really doesn’t fit square with the book-standard definition is that they have FTL drives and interstellar travel capacity.

I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees for our campaign, as well. Pegasus had a fleet at one point, maybe there are others. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Battlestar Galactica is a Columbia Class Battlestar who was intregral in the military prevention. It includes not just thoughts on the Colonial civilization, but ideas for improving the Cylons, and making the attacks more interesting.

And what fleet would be complete without civilian vessels. As for the type of campaign, I can see three ways of doing it: For our latest campaign, I heavily reworked the Cylons. June May April The professional athlete had his off-season house out here to stay away from the paparazzi.

The assumption here was that they modified colonial equipment for their own purposes. I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees for our campaign, as well. Baltar and Personality Personality: I ended up with: Cylon Battlestars have no exaust, did anyone else notice that?


The hacker was laying low after getting caught trying to hack a government database. It seems that in Applied Theoretical Physics they are a little ahead of the curve, but some of the other aspects may be a little behind.

Email required Address never made public. Maybe have them be “one step behind” sometimes, like getting Roslin’s call to rendevous too late, and by the time they show up the fleet has departed, or arriving at Kobol to the wreckage of a Cylon ship in orbit destroyed by a colonial nuke, and signs of recent landings on the planet. I spring the attacks in the middle of a completely different adventure. It would be a bit difficult to be actually in the Fleet what with the named characters NPCs in a game I would guess stealling all the glory and making all the decisions.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Play that up, and have NPCs sterotype the characters. As a DM you wouldn’t be bound by the strict canon of the TV series.

Gina Inviere (D20)

gaactica When Kobol fell, pices of its technology and knowledge base survived intact. The assumption here was that they modified colonial equipment for their own purposes. Battlestar Galactica d20 Future Okay, so the good news is that a license has been granted to make a Battlestar Galactica roleplaying game.

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Battlestar Galactica D20 Pdf – bigitalent

It can be very difficult to balance the human persona and the underlying Cylon motivations. Basically I had the players build characters that could exist in a futuristic society with a tech level much like our own, but with interstellar travel.

Scott could you please explain some of the following traits or do a write up that I have seen you use in some of your write-ups. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Facebook account.


The is a favorite of mine. I didn’t tell anyone it was a BSG game. Better, perhaps, to play a game set in the BSG universe but not with Galactica and the fleet.

Results 1 to 10 of We are talking about a civilization that could sculpt 12 habitable worlds out of one solar system here. Saturday, 3rd March, A risky venture, but 5 games in and all is well. And on the other side, Here is a post with for those that want a bit more structure to your big battles, and also an expanded set of rules to add.

They have artificial gravity, but a few bits of background material like the official description of the Space Park ship in the fleet implies that this technology is not too old. Like the time that Starbuck played sniper.

However, creating your own set of humanoid Cylons might be a good way to go about it. Let them get some experience on their own, leveling them to about equivalent to your main NPC leader types, then battestar them to rejoin the fleet on the heels of a big battletar where many losses including certain NPCs of notoriety – and the players can somehow be drafted civilian or ordered to take up some of these important roles.