After independence of india when gandhi’s idea started to fade from people’s memory, vinoba started his “bhoodan” movement. And in a period. More Interested in land reform, accomplished voluntarily, than in politics, he founded in , the Bhoodan Movement, or land-gift movement. He travelled. Bhoodan or Land Gift movement began with Acharya Vinoba Bhave in in Telangana. An inspirational icon, Vinoba Bhave’s work.

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The American friend Rev.

Bhoodan Movement in India: History, Aims and Other Details

In Japan, just after the end of Second World War, the American General MacArthur, who was acting as the administrator of Japan, made three acres as the land ceiling and redistributed it among the genuine farmers immediately. He took part in Satyagrahas and also went to jail. The British quaker, Donald Groom, trekked with Bhoodan Sarvodaya co-workers for six months in the central India covering a distance of miles.

The bholdan belongs to all. However, this land could not be sold. Now no outsider can come and purchase our land and the land will belong to that person who tills it. The movement presented a new and much more humane form of development as opposed to what is followed at present. Some of the Gramdan villages started implementing the next stage of experiments and some outsiders also came and witnessed the change in these villages.

Pochampalli gave Vinoba a warm welcome. The Government of various Provinces, passed Bhoodan Acts which generally stipulated that the beneficiary had no right to sell the land or use it for a non-agricultural purpose- including forestry. So the voluntary donations of lands were jovement the generous offerings of the rich. We experienced inthe Bhoodan Movement is giving the message of Renaissance in India.

This was a comprehensive programme of Gramdan and Vinoba said that this model should spread all over the country. Two months later, he went to Delhi on foot when he was called by Nehru. It took more than three years to get another village in gift.


Bhoodan Movement in India: History, Aims and Other Details

The fundamental questions about society were asked and discussed and solutions were sought for them on the basis of non-violence.

Oct 28, Vinoba decided to walk three hundred miles to Hyderabad. The first village to come under gramdan was Bhoocan in Hamirpur Dist of U. Movrment Graham, an English journalist of Sunday Standard, included Vinoba as one of the creative rebels. And when the Gramdan movement started, then its concept was such that we will find it unbelievable today.

This meant that he got acres everyday. But the Socialists who were movemrnt power and in positions of influence failed to create an environment for such a step to be taken.

Bihar government sets up three-member body to probe Bhoodan land irregularities

This land belongs to you, does it not? Just a couple of months before independence, two IAS officers were travelling in the first class compartment of a train.

Around Gramdans took place, but for a revolution to take place, this had to be more wide spread. This was called ‘rishi-kheti’. Bythe Bhoodan had collected over 4 million acres 1.

In the present scenario, it is very difficult even to imagine that such a thing took place.

Bhoodan movement – Wikipedia

The movement got off to mofement good start from to In bhoidan, the movement had widened the concept of gramdan village in gift and had started advocating commercial ownership of land. All this continued till The boy replied, — At present we are tilling 12 bigha of land, but if we do not till the land, it might be given to others.

In any case, the non-violent movement started by Vinoba remained incomplete.

This ideology has dominated the few noble hearted humanists. Some circumstances went against the movement and in some cases the calculations bhooodan, went awry. At every phase of human history, the ideology like distribution between rich and poor has been found. But the movement could not continue with that vigour and success bhlodan to certain weaknesses. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. But one thing can be said with certainty that in the two to three decades of the movemejt, the horizon of the concept of Sarvodaya has expanded a great deal.


The strategy of Gramdan was based on mass psychology and if one system had to be supplanted by another system then it was necessary to have mass awakening. Retrieved June 17, The work of verifying the Gramdan took a very long time, and the swelling of public support in the earlier period ebbed with time like the flood waters that rise bhooean then come down.

In the end, what was proposed to be done had to have the will of the people behind it. The overview that we are attempting here would be against this background.

Vinobaji set himself the task of collecting in land gifts of 50 million acres, so that one acre could be given to each landless peasant with an average of five members. The Sarvodaya Samaj, however, on the whole failed to build an active large scale mass movement that would generate irresistible pressure for social transformation in large parts of country.

The government can always bhoodab that we have the support of the people as they have voted for us. Movvement India Kisan Sabha.

Objectives, Success bhooodan Problems Land Reforms: But Gandhi said that Sarvodaya meant the rise of all, and it was not merely the greatest good of the greatest number or of the last person standing in the queue.