Bootstrapping Your Business has 34 ratings and 7 reviews. Greg said: I read about a third of this book. I enjoyed the Montana Greg Gianforte. · Rating. Bootstrapping Your Business by Greg Gianforte, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. [PDF] Download Bootstrapping Your Business: Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money By Greg Gianforte AUDIOBOOK.

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Greg was out to businese the statement ‘Look, it can be done here. I read about a third of this book. Matt rated it it was amazing May 26, It compels you to be creative, and it’s an acid test for figuring out whether you’ve got a real business or just a plausible-sounding business plan.

On the other hand, Lowe says that he appreciated the attention that RightNow was paying to his company’s needs.

Gianfforte spent two months writing a basic program that allowed a company to judge which information to publish on its Web site, based on E-mail queries that it received. He’s firmly convinced that telesales is the better system. No trivia or quizzes yet. For his part, Gianforte takes a near-mystical view of selling as a higher calling. In other words, bootstrapping clears away the clutter and makes you focus single-mindedly on the customer, which is what any smart entrepreneur needs to do anyway.

So it’s understandable that he might think that he’s onto something good here. There were high fives and parties at Gianforte’s house if the salespeople met their monthly quotas, and there was glum tension if they didn’t. Edwin Ng’Eno rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Thanks to the presence of Montana State University, Businses had more computer programmers than most towns in Montana did, but it was still a long way from being Silicon Valley.

After realizing that he couldn’t spend the rest of his life fly-fishing, Gianforte started his second major venture, RightNow Technologies Inc. Funding the development process was simple enough in RightNow’s early days, when Gianforte was writing all the software and taking no salary.


Bhavani Ravi rated it it was amazing Apr 29, If he thought that he could deliver it in 90 days, he added it to the data sheet. Mountain-ringed Bozeman, population 27, home of Montana State University, was half college town, half cow town, a place that offered gorgeous scenery, an active outdoor lifestyle, and not much in the way of employment.

Alex rated it it was amazing Sep 16, And it’s also understandable that a whole new generation of entrepreneurs are suddenly hot on bootstrappingtoo. Audra rated it did not like it May 31, This is a book I could read through in one sitting if I had the spare time to. Bootstrapping is both bigger and simpler than saving a dime whenever you can. You go and put those features in. Not that it wasn’t fun; it just wasn’t enough.

Bootstrapping Your Business : Greg Gianforte :

Books by Greg Gianforte. A big part of successful bootstrapping is knowing where to spend money.

I never would have thought of something like that in Montana but you get lots of stories like that in this book. The concept behind RightNow — that companies could use software to help reduce E-mail inquiries — was a new one to most potential customers. When Gianforte talks about bootstrapping — which he loves to do — he doesn’t mean pinching pennies.

Bootstrapping Your Business : Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money

If someone said no, he asked why. Gianforte began charging for RightNow software within three months of its release. To ask other readers questions about Bootstrapping Your Businessplease sign up. They usually want to polish it and make it perfect before you get it out in front of the customer.

See ” Know Your Place ,” in the August issue. Dec 30, Greg Geeg rated it liked it Shelves: Dave Teske rated it really liked it Dec 03, But in Augustwhen the founder made his first technical hire vice-president of product development Michael Myerhe was adding overhead. Normally, they don’t, that is. Sam rated it liked it Jun 06, It’s good for younger people and college students and entrepreneurs.


Bootstrapping Your Business: Start and Grow a Successful Company with Almost No Money

bootstrappingg He had the talent for starting bootsttrapping, he figured, so why not put it to use? Armed with a data sheet outlining what such a product might do, Gianforte sat in a spare bedroom and cold-called customer-support managers at hundreds of companies.

How else can you get the cash to keep the business afloat? In the early months of he surfed the Web, searching for a niche to focus on. He settled his family in a rambling, cedar-shingled house just outside Bozeman, on a spread big enough that he gets a couple hundred pounds of buffalo meat every year in exchange for supplying a neighbor’s herd with hay from his field.

If you live in Montana you’ll enjoy the different stories of businesses and pe I read about a third of this book. He’s a natural salesman, whose secret weapon is the sheer confidence and optimism that he exudes rather than backslapping bonhomie.

Sales hires bring in cash. They think the process means building desks out of doors and sawhorses.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. A good collection of practical ideas and advice, would have been a solid 3-stars in it’s day.