An international bestseller certain to appeal to fans of The Last Templar?the thrilling first book in a sweeping medieval trilogy On the eve of the. Robyn Young has worked as a creative writing teacher, financial advisor, folk Once I had the idea for Brethren, I read as many books as I could find on the. Brethren. Brethren Trilogy Book 1. By Robyn Young. Paperback. £ The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. The epic first novel in the.

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Robyn Young: Fiction | eBay

And considering it is about Templar knights, there is barely any reference to religion or even a sense of faith or belief.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In what ways younng he prove himself worthy? With page-turning suspense and thrilling action, the Brethren trilogy brilliantly evokes that extraordinary clash of civilizations known in the Brethrfn as the Crusades.

His reign marked the start of an age of Mamluk dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean and solidified the durability of their military system.

The characters were quite dull most of the time and had little or no development roybn the book and often it was hard to get into their worlds. Renegade Insurrection TrilogyNew. Retrieved 8 November She also tells us of Baybars Bundukdari, a general in the Mamluk army that has taken control of much of the middle east.

Brethren Crusade Requiem The Children’s Crusade was doomed to failure. His ransom paid by his wife, maurgarite.

Do you believe the reasons Everard gives to Will? Robyn Young was born in Oxford and grew up in the Midlands and Devon.

While it does not rise to Game of Thrones type machinations, it is very, very, good intrigue with plenty of violence and leaving out the gratuitous sex. Is this suitable for a 10yr old boy to read?


In the end, does Will forgive his father for leaving him? He managed to pave the way for the end of the Crusader presence in Syria and to unite Egypt and Syria into one powerful state that was able to fend off threats from both Crusaders and Mongols. All of our pape Will sounded like some kid directly out of High School, minus modern day slang. Apr 30, Graham rated it liked it Shelves: It is unfortunate that the balance of the book is favoured towards the West, as I would have liked to have read more of this character.

Insurrection Trilogy Book 3.

Mister Memory Marcus Sedgwick. First, Will and those he knows including close friends Garin De Lyons and Simon are compelling child characters who have a certain depth, an innocence and ignorance that fits their age, and understandable motivations.

Why is being a scribe less impressive than being a soldier? No-one knows what happened to them.

The Brethren Trilogy

Many of the children had never walked such distances youung and for many the effort proved too much. As he struggles to gain brethrdn knighthood in the Templar Order, where he’s been assigned by his father, who’s taken Templar vows and left for service in th BRETHREN, the first entry in Robyn Young’s acclaimed epic trilogy about the travails of a young man on the path to becoming a Templar knight during the disastrous end of the Crusades, is full of interesting details and twisting plot-lines.

In Mayit is said that he turned up at the court of King Philip of France and told him that he had a letter from Christ ordering him to organise a crusade. View all 3 comments. What do they represent to him? It’s a brilliant read and is full of well written characters, what proves this more than anything is that really not a lot happens, yet it still holds your attention. It existed as a political entity from Hittite times into the Byzantine empire Sadeek means friend I particularly enjoyed the way he wove a mystery through a historical story and setting.


Why do robyyn think Will is so against it? Stay in Touch Sign up. Haunted by his early life, he is driven by an unquenchable desire to free his people from the European invaders of his homeland. Brethren was inspired by the name: With a tale split between the Templars in the west and the Mamluks in the east, and then the coming together of both medieval super powers, it is drawn out as a very detailed and intelligently done plot with sub plot aplenty.

Mar 15, Diane Smoak rated it really liked it.

Robyn Young

I suspect the style eases into the second book. By the end of the series these children become middle aged adults Will is nearly forty at the close of Crusadeand their maturation is beautifully handled and easily accepted. You can always tell when I like a book very much because I tend to start reading and not stop until its finished or I fall asleep. Regardless of this rejection, Stephen went around preaching to children about his letter from Jesus and his desire to go to the Holy Land to capture Jerusalem.