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Typical Reverse Current Figure 5.

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IV Tilted buttons can cause a void in the solder between the heatsink and button rectifier which will result in poor heat transfer during operation. Since the button is relatively light-weight, there is a tendency for it to float datasheeet the solder becomes liquid.

For use in common rectifier circuits, Table I indicates sug- gested factors for an equivalent dc voltage to use for conservative design; i. Finally, tighten the end bolts between 30 to 40 in-lb.

Terms in the model are defined as follows: Finger tighten the center bolt.

Empirical data shows that A in relation [4] re- mains within SCILLC products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use as components in systems intended for surgical implant into the body, or other applications intended to support or sustain life, or for any other application in which the failure of the SCILLC product could create a situation where personal injury or death may occur.

There are other alternatives to achieving higher power dissipation from the surface mount packages. Solder is available as preforms or paste. Ideally suited for high voltage, high frequency rectification, or as free wheeling and protection diodes, in surface mount applications where compact size and weight are critical to the system.


Ipeak A Figure 2.

Assum- ing the component resistive elements are small Equation 1 approximates the total energy transferred to the diode. Defects in the passivation can generate parasitic oscillations during breakdown. Plastic encapsulated devices have a special solder formulation for the same purpose. The guardring also operates like a zener to absorb over-voltage transients. A suggested minimum plating thickness is microinches.

BYW80-200, BYW80-200G, BYW80F200

Handling of the button during assembly must be relatively gentle to minimize sharp impact shocks and avoid nicking of the plastic. An eight degree tilt is a suggested maximum value. Ideally suited for use as rectifiers in very low-voltage, high-frequency switching power supplies, free wheeling diodes and polarity protection diodes.

This graph gives the maximum byq80 duration for any value of avalanche current.

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The temperature of the case should be measured using a thermocouple placed on the case. These two features give the unit the capability of passing stringent thermal fatique tests for 5, cycles. Data shown for thermal resistance junction-to-ambient R ja for the mounting shown is to be used as a typical guideline values for preliminary engineering or in case the tie point tem- perature cannot be measured.

Belt Furnaces readily handle large or small volumes and are adaptable to establishment of “on-line” assembly since a variable belt speed sets the run rate. The individual tables have been sorted by voltage and satasheet with the package types for the devices listed shown above each table.

This state-of-the-art device has the following features: Individual furnace zone controls make excellent temperature control possible.

This could lead to thermal runaway. Clip Mounting Position Figure 5. The epitaxy characteristics determine the major electrical parameters of the device.


The figures solve for a reference temperature as determined by equation 2. For use in common rectifier circuits, Table 1 indicates suggested factors for an equivalent dc voltage to use for conservative design; i. They can sustain avalanche power levels close to those of forward conduction ratings.

Typical reverse current for lower voltage selections can be estimated from these same curves if Vr is suf- ficiently below rated Vr. Capital cost is low compared to belt. This device sustains mJ with an inductor of 75mH according to equa- tion [1]. Current Derating Figure 4. However, in contrast to ordinary junction diodes, the loss in waveform efficiency is not indicative of power loss: Also note the minimum lot size is one full reel for each line item, and orders are required to be in increments of the single reel quantity.

The data of Figures 1, 2 and 3 is based upon dc condi- tions.

Component List [B] page 60 :: Oxygen Electronics, LLC

Lowest values of thermal resistance will occur when the cathode lead is brought as close as possible to a heat dissipator; as heat conduction through the anode lead is small. Find VR equ j V. Complete specifications are provided in the form of data sheets and accompanying selection guides provide a quick comparison of characteristics to simplify the task of choosing the best device for a circuit.

Tj i T a are the junction and ambient temperatures, Pq is the power dissipation, RthJA t is the transient thermal resistance.