Dvd home theatre system, Dav-dzw • Read online or download PDF • Sony DAV-DZW User Manual. DAV-DZW – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User manual for the device Sony DAV-DZW. Online user manual database.

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Speaker system cord surround speaker L only Speaker cord Code Language Code Language Code Wipe the disc from the center out. The display for entering the passwordappears. Install the unit near the TV. Wipe them with acloth slightly moistened with alcohol.

Safari Download the latest version. Page 13 Attach the post to the base. The default setting is underlined. Before operating this system, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. When you set the distance using the Quick Setup page 22the settings is automaticallydisplayed.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration Digital Cinema Auto Calibration was developed by Sony to automatically measure and adjusts the speaker settings to your listening environment in a short period of time.

Do not install the appliance in a confined space, suchas a bookcase or built-in cabinet. Page 17 1 Connecting the SpeakersThe connector and color tube of the speaker cords are the same color as the label of the jacks to beconnected. To use the remote, point it at the remote sensor on the unit.

Returning to the Default Settings You can return the system parameters, such as preset stations, to the default settings. Before tuning, make sure to turn downthe volume to minimum.


This isdone using an advanced, high-purity matrixsurround decoder that extracts the spatialproperties of the original recording withoutadding any new dav–dz830w or tonal colorations.

Title The longest section of dav-fz830w picture or music feature on a DVD, movie, etc. Letters, numbers, and other symbols can be input for a radio station. Ifmultilingual subtitles are recorded on the disc,you can change the subtitle language whileplaying, or turn the subtitles on or off wheneveryou want. For detailsabout each item, see the pages in parentheses. Use the screws mwnual below. To accept progressive signals, see page Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals.

Red Surround speaker R: As titles and tracks are assigned unique numbers on the disc, you can select the desired one by entering its number.

Side view Step 3: Dav-da830w 34 45Basic OperationsPress A. To prevent this, be sure to follow theseprecautions when connecting the speakers. The surround speaker L has the IR receiver.

Sony DAV-DZW user manual – – Solve your problem

For the front and surround speakers. You manul also quit the process and return manua, theControl Menu display by selecting [NO] here. Settings for the Speakers Useful Title The longest section of a picture or music feature on a DVD, movie, etc. Speaker system cord surround speaker L only Thread the speaker cord and the speaker system cord through the hole of the post cover. Adjust the speaker of one side, then adjust another speaker by checking lines as a guide.

Dav-d830w cord,HolePost coverUpper part of thepostScrew small, black 3Lay the post in the slot of the speaker, slide the post to the end of the slot, then securethe post with the mounting plate and screws. To listen to the portable audio source sound through the system Connect the audio output jacks of the portable audio White Front speaker R: Press H to start playing the selectedalbum. Note that youcannot return to the dac-dz830w album by pressing.


Speaker cord, Hole Post cover Upper part of the post Screw small, black 3 Lay the post in the slot of the speaker, slide the p. Turn on your TV. Positioning the System Positioning the speakers For the best possible surround sound, all the speakers other than the subwoofer should be placed at the same distance from the listening position A.

Subdivision of a title on a DVD. You can set two kinds of playback restrictionsfor the desired disc. Then press The Setup item is selected. Positioning theSystemSide viewInfrared signalPositioning the speakersFor the best possible surround sound, all thespeakers other than the subwoofer should beplaced at the same distance from the listeningposition A.

Sony DAV-DZ830W Operating Instructions Manual

Playing Repeatedly Repeat Play You can play all the titles, tracks or albums on a disc or a single title, chapter, track, or album repeatedly. Orient the slot toward you, attach the post cover so that the slot of the post engages with the tab of the post cover, then secure with the screw. Scanning stops when the system tunes in astation. Adjust the speaker of one side, then adjust another speaker by checking lines as a guide.