There are many different terms that Derrida employs Logocentrism emphasises the privileged role that. Derrida’s logocentrism approach challenges the privileging of speech article, these ideas of Derrida are applied by reading the Logos in the. Logocentrism: deconstruction: Deconstruction in philosophy: a manifestation of the “logocentrism” of Western culture—i.e., the general assumption that there is.

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Arche-writing In Of Grammatology and elsewhere, Derrida argues that signification, broadly conceived, always refers to other signs, and that one can never reach a sign that refers derriva to itself.

Derrida and the deconstruction of Logocentrism

These terms all have slightly different meanings. In particular, the theme of responsibility to the other for example, God or a beloved person leads Derrida to leave the idea that responsibility is associated with logocentrjsm behavior publicly and rationally justifiable by general principles.

Derrida’s terms change in every text that he writes. According to logocentrism, the logos is the ideal representation of the Platonic ideal. Derrida insists that this type of aporia, or problem, is too often ignored by the “knights of responsibility” who presume that accountability and responsibility in all aspects of life – whether that be guilt before the human law, or even before the divine will of God – is quite easily established GD Notify me of new comments via email.

Just as a piece of writing has no self-present subject to explain what every particular word means and this ensures that what is written must partly elude any lpgocentrism attempt to control itthis is equally lkgocentrism of the spoken.

God are importantly distinct from the ethical demands of our society GD 61, Journal of the Theoretical HumanitiesVol. Other important inspirations on his early thought include NietzscheHeideggerSaussure, Levinas and Freud.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Deconstruction hence cannot rest content with merely prioritising writing over speech, but must also accomplish the second major aspect of deconstruction’s dual strategies, that being to corrupt and contaminate the opposition itself. All of these works have been influential for different reasons, derrjda it is Of Grammatology that remains his most famous work it is analysed in some detail in this article.

Logocentrism | literary criticism |

Phallogocentrism points towards the patriarchal significance of this privileging. This is because if the guests take over a house through force, then the host is no longer being hospitable towards them precisely because they are no longer in control of the situation.

Derrida’s argument about mourning adheres to a similarly paradoxical logic to that which has been associated with him throughout this article. Deconstruction contends that in any text, there are inevitably points of equivocation and ‘undecidability’ that betray any stable meaning that an author might seek to impose upon his or her text.


A Note to a Footnote in Being and Time ” trans. All metaphysicians, from Plato to Rousseau, Descartes to Husserl, have proceeded in this way, conceiving good to be before evil, the positive before the negative, the pure before the impure, the simple before the complex, the essential before the accidental, the imitated before the imitation, etc. You are commenting using your WordPress. Trace The idea of difference also brings with it the idea of trace.

Derrida and the deconstruction of Logocentrism « haphazard academia

To phrase the problem in slightly different terms, Derrida’s argument is that in examining a binary opposition, deconstruction manages to expose a trace. Deconstruction has frequently been the subject of some controversy. This suggestion that the decision cannot anticipate the future is undoubtedly somewhat counter-intuitive, but Derrida’s rejection of anticipation is not only a rejection of drrrida traditional idea of deciding on logocdntrism basis of weighing-up and internally representing certain options.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Extant, specific languages make communication material, and exploring the interplay of terms within a linguistic system is what Derridean deconstructive projects hinge upon. This description of the decision as a moment of madness that must move beyond rationality and calculative reasoning may seem paradoxical, dderrida it might nevertheless be agreed that a decision requires a ‘leap of faith’ beyond the sum total of the facts.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but even a simple ‘thank-you’ logcoentrism instance, which both acknowledges the presence of a gift and also proposes some form of equivalence with that gift, can be seen to annul the gift cf.

University of Chicago Press, Circ.

According to Derrida, thinkers as different as Plato, Rousseau, Saussure, and Levi-Strauss, have all denigrated the written word and valorised speech, by contrast, as some type of pure conduit of meaning. Trace Logocdntrism this respect, it needs to be pointed out that all of deconstruction’s reversals arche-writing included are partly captured by the edifice that they seek to overthrow.

Writing and Differencetrans. Secondly, there is the further point that in order to be hospitable, the host must also have some kind of control over the people who are being hosted.

Derrida’s Critique of Logocentrism

Forgiveness Derrida discerns another aporia oogocentrism regard to whether or not to forgive somebody who has caused us significant suffering or pain. As he says, “Abraham is at the same time, the most moral and the most immoral, the most responsible and the most irresponsible” GD Although not purely negative, deconstruction is primarily concerned with something tantamount to a critique of the Western philosophical tradition.


But first, we must understand his argument. When Derrida was awarded an honorary doctorate at Cambridge inthere were howls of protest from many ‘analytic’ philosophers. Derrida’s discussions of forgiving are orientated around revealing a fundamental paradox that ensures that forgiving can never be finished or concluded – it must always be open, like a permanent rupture, or a wound that refuses to heal. On the contrary, he wants defrida problematise the very possibility of a giving that can be unequivocally disassociated from receiving and taking.

According to Derrida, the term messianism refers predominantly to the religions of the Messiahs – ie. In other words, presence itself is privileged, rather than that which allows presence to be possible at all – and also impossible, for Derrida see Section 4for more on the metaphysics of presence.

His understanding of language can be considered logocentric, placing absolute value in the loocentrism of its scheme and organisation. Despite this, however, Derrida insists that the whole idea of hospitality depends upon such an altruistic concept and is inconceivable without it OCF Basically then, metaphysical thought always privileges one side of an opposition, and ignores or marginalises the alternative term of that opposition.

University of Chicago Press, Structuralism was a theory brought most prominently into literary criticism by Ferdinand de Saussure, who asserted that language and speech can only be understood in the wider context of the schemes they inhabit, and is concerned with defining derrlda as a ubiquitous system. And, should we be convinced by his criticism of logocentric thought, it will seem to be the case that a logocetnrism of the relationship between the mediums of speech and writing is in order.

Indiana University Press, Counterfeit Moneytrans. Differance may be the condition for that which is deferred, and may be the condition for that which is different. Northwestern University Press, edition LI. This particular paradox revolves around the premise that if one forgives something that is actually forgivable, then one simply engages in calculative reasoning and hence does not really forgive. But while it establishes an important conceptual link between a sign and what it is not, this link is conceived of in terms of positive and negative in the logical sense.

Today, logocentrism is thought of as a primarily Derridean term.