Merit offers several cybersecurity certification courses throughout the year, providing you with an education experience based upon the National Institute of . DoD Directive Face the mandate with Merit Network, the nation’s only non-profit authorized to sell multiple certification training options, across multiple . DoD Directive provides the basis for an enterprise-wide solution to train, certify, and manage the DoD.

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It also specifies the types of commercial certifications that qualify for each of the defined categories.

US Government | DoD Cybersecurity Certifications and Training | (ISC)²

Our subject matter experts continually review and update the CBK. Explore This Page Request Help. There are six categories outlined in the Directive matrix with different roles and responsibilities and different certifications applicable for each category. Ways We Can Assist You Cybersecurity Readiness Training and Certification for You Cybersecurity Readiness Training and Certification for You As a government cybersecurity professional, you need to keep your organization safe from the latest threats today and well into the future.


Career Development Online Training Courses. You need a cybersecurity certification that meets the U.

The Directive is viewed as a government endorsement of the effectiveness and cost efficiency of commercial certification. You have to be on top of your game. To discuss which training options and certifications best first your needs or to make a purchase for your team, contact: Please note, the certifications below are the only commercial certifications the DoD will accept as fulfillment for the All other trademarks and logos are properties of their respective owners.

And we want to make it as easier for you to meet your cybersecurity certification requirements.

Department of Defense DoD Directive Explore how we can assist you today. It provides a portable certification that is recognized in both the public and private sectors. It serves as a common framework of terms and principles for our credentials. Rest assured we understand your policies, requirements and needs! Information assurance personnel must be certified under a credential that meets the criteria laid out in these six matrix categories.

We have a long history of partnering with the U. Information Technology Online Training Courses. As a government cybersecurity professional, you need to keep your organization safe from the latest threats today and well into the future.


Are there different certification requirements for managers than for technically-oriented information assurance or information security personnel? As a cybersecurity expert for the U.

Please contact them directly to ask whether they accept the GI Bill. You join thousands of other leading government professionals.

What is the significance of this mandate and of commercial certification in general? Business Development Online Training Courses.

About (ISC)²

We can tailor training to your unique needs, come to your location and even help you buy training vouchers at the deepest discounts. It provides military and civilian personnel with a certification that is professional, internationally recognized and vendor-neutral not directivd to any agency, technology or product. The CBK defines global industry standards.

Speak with a U. It positions the information security profession as a distinct job series. Technical personnel must meet the certification requirements outlined under the Technical I T1 and Technical II T2 categories see chart above.

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