View and Download Dynalink RTAW user manual online. ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router. RTAW Wireless Router pdf manual download. Open up a web browser and enter in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Dynalink RTAWv6 Setup Help 2. A dialogue box. Open up a web browser and enter in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Dynalink RTAW Setup Help 2. A dialogue box.

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Page 28 Chapter 2: If the previous one is failed, than the items following that one will be failed, too. Configuring System Log You can enable or disable the log function, and choose log level, Quick Start Chapter 4: Type cmd in the text box that appears and click OK. Now, the system will reboot to activate the new settings that you have done in this section. System Requirement and Installation Wait while the system installing the driver.

XI Configuration and Management Your router will now restart and take you back to the main screen.

To make sure the USB driver for your router is properly installed, please do the following steps. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. ADSL Router User Manua, Repeater A repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation.

Double click on the Wireless Zero Configuration service and verify that it is set to Automatic and that it is Started.


Right-click on My Computer and press Properties. If you do not know much about the router, you can use the Quick Start pages to adjust basic settings to activate your dynaljnk.

Open System and Shared key. If you need more detailed information for web configuration, please refer to the next chapter for the advanced configuration. Do not overload wall outlet or extension cords as this may increase the risk of electric shock or fire. NAT function is enabled to support multiple clients to access to Internet. On the Control Panel folder, click System and Maintenance. Be sure to reboot your router for these changes to take effect.

Typically the first IP is network address, the second is used as router IP address and the last one is subnet broadcasting.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only dynnalink page. Press Browse to set the path for the driver file, and then press Next.

Then, choose a protocol and define the source or destination MAC address which you want to control. The example figure illustrates manuall relationship among the AP, the repeater, and the clients.

Dynalink RTA1025W User Manual

This page allows you to edit, to remove, or to add WAN settings. Equipped with an Ethernet network interface. Select this item to make the connection active all the time.

Dynzlink Configuration Management Diagnostics To check the linking status for the network and your computer, a diagnostic test can guide you to detect the network problem. If the checkbox is not selected, it is necessary for you to enter the primary and optional secondary DNS server IP addresses.


Check the Validate server certificate check box if server certificate validation is required Use of NAT Network Address Translation devices allows local hosts on such private networks to eynalink access the external global Internet and enables access to selective local hosts from the outside.

Page 58 Chapter 2: The host on the network that has the IP address in the request then replies with its physical hardware address. You can choose whether to use one of your certificates you have loaded on the computer, or use a smart card for access.

Page of Go. On the Configuration tab, check out the list of installed network components. Choose Use a certificate on this computer option and select Use simple certificate selection Recommended.

There are several selections, and you may select them according to the line modes supported mankal your ISP and your needs.

Check this box to enable this function.

Dynalink RTA1025W Network Router User Manual

Page 26 Chapter 2: Page 22 Chapter 2: System Requirement and Installation Chapter 2: You may select a priority from the drop-down menu. The main screen will be nanual as below.

This chapter will provide you advanced information of the web pages for the router for your reference. Client Setup for Scroll to the bottom of the list. Select this item to make a connection automatically while in manuap. System Requirement and Installation 5.