Después sigue hablando del Santo Issa a los 13 años. Cuando el Santo La vida oculta de Jesús según el evangelio de Acuario. Contenido. by adolforomeroc. See More. Resultado de imagen para SAN ISSA. Mary And MarthaChristian ArtJesus ChristTibetTapestriesReligionHistoryCristoHumor.

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The Christian Noob n00b Topics: For all the other prophets the arrival of their revelation was at the age of forty years, but revelation came to him when he was made to speak in the cradle, and revelation came to him when he conveyed the divine message at the dde of thirty.

It is generally agreed that Jesus spoke Aramaicthe common sa of Judea in the first century A. The corresponding Bible reference is “the royal official’s son.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Retrieved 29 May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Islam sees Jesus as human, sent as the last iasa of Israel to Jews with the Gospel scripture, affirming but modifying the Mosaic Law.

Muslims believe that Jesus was a precursor to Muhammad, and that he prophesied the latter’s coming. That work mentions a version of the birth narrative having taken place in Evangeelio without mention of a manger under the palm tree, but adds that the first version of the birth in the land of Mary’s people is more accurate.

Al-Athir makes a point believing Mary’s pregnancy to have lasted not nine or eight months, but only a single hour.

Isa is instead written about is the ascetic magician, helped by the Holy Spirit. Ali ibn al-Athir d. The controversial Ahmadiyya Muslims believe that Evangeio survived the crucifixion, and then fled to India, where he died of old age.


Jesus is understood to have preached salvation through submission to God’s will and worshipping God alone. Meanwhile, the Son of Godbeing his lahut spiritual being remained alive and undying — because it is the Holy Spirit. To him were granted manifest signs and notable evidences, such as the reviving of the dead and the curing of the blind and the leper.

However, whilst all Muslims revere Jesus, most have reservations about the application of his way of life to society. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, by affirming Jesus as Messiah they are attesting to his messianic message, not his mission as a heavenly Fvangelio. An early interpretation of verse evsngelio Jews, Christians and Muslims prophets Abrahamic prophets. Flight into Egypt and Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

Jesus in Islam – Wikipedia

Jesus the Messiah in Muslim Thought. One rumor that has circulated for years has been that Jesus went to India during this time.

The Hadith containing Jesus legend have been influenced by the non-canonical ‘heretical’ Christianity that prevailed in the Arab peninsula and further in Abyssinia. They also accepted the holy days of the pagan rites, like Christmas for the god of light, and not for the celebration of the birth of Christ who was born on October 17, 4bCE. Jesus, considered as a Muslim, will abide by the Islamic teachings. A hadith isas by Abu Hurairah d. Jesus is described isa various means in the Quran.

University Press of Florida. An Introduction to the Religions of the World. Life in art Depiction Jesuism.

psychotic for Lenten, day 38 & the Pagan celebration of Easter (Ostara) | The Christian Noob (n00b)

The Quran states that Jesus was aided by a group of disciples who believed in His message. Christians should also give the full value to Christ Jesus accepting that it was a real man of flesh and evngelio who was willing to give his body for iss sins of many, even unknown to him.


Jesus is viewed by many Muslims as having lived out only one side of this equation. These six miracles in the Quran are without detail unlike the Evabgelio and their non-canonical sources, which include details and mention other attributed miracles. In the late nineteenth century a Russian, Nicolas Notovitch, published a travelogue of a trip through India, into Kashmir, eventually reaching Ladakh in Tibet.

Other Ways to Follow Me. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? Jesus stirs up a caste war against the Brahmins and has to leave India. These rich and diverse presentations of Jesus in Sufi traditions are the largest body of Jesus-texts in any non-Christian tradition.

Jesus in Islam

Both sought to call people back to what might be called ” Abrahamic faith. According to the details of the narrative, some parents became annoyed and forbade their children to play with Jesus, suspecting he was a magician. Most of the narratives are found in non-canonical Christian sources evzngelio, for example, the pre-Islamic Gospel of Thomas. The interpretation behind Jesus as a spirit from God, is seen as his human soul. While Islamic theology affirms Mary as a pure vessel regarding the virgin birth of Jesusit does not follow the concept of Immaculate Conception as related to Mary’s birth in some Christian traditions.

They are largely absent.