Very pretty fingerless mitts, but the knitting is definitely not for the beginner. The colorwork is not too complicated, though, and the designer provides a chart that. I’ve had these mitts finished for a while but haven’t gotten photos of them until today. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. The yarn is. Links and Resources. Endpaper Fingerless Mitts (K) Free Pattern. Sep 28, # · breeze ·

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I can’t wait for the wavy mitten pattern to come out! However, I must say I hate the Italian tubular mitt on. I’ll check out the resources. I decided to make fingerless mitts and have been looking at all the styles on the internet but nothing really satisfied. Putting It All Together: Work across Chart B to first false “seam” stitch, m1 in pattern, p1 in main color, m1 in endppaper, work Row 2 of Chart B working from left to rightp Vifslan November 17, What is it about Fair Isle that is so intriguing?

Like a book full of gorgeous Eunny-patterns? Rain November 16, I want to get back into being excited about projects, itching to try something out, deeply satisfied by translation from idea to tactile substance. I’m pretty pleased – enndpaper you tell?

Lovely – something like this is just what I have been craving for working on knitting projects rndpaper my chilly house – since I can’t knit and hold onto a cup of tea simultaneously! I fell in love the moment I looked at the picture, and I’m even more thrilled now that I realize how well they match my knitting goals.


Now the question is.

Endpaper Mitts

Comments Sometimes a small hiatus is needed to make a hobby entrancing again! I absolutely can’t wait to see them! Your work is so awesome!

This site uses cookies. Form Thumb Next round: Those are just beautiful! And now I have hit a road block with the pattern which maybe one of my lovely readers can help me with: Wow – jitts look great. The ribbing is a moss green while the color work is charcoal and cream.

Those are really amazing and I think a good way dive into colorwork! I have been looking for a pattern with a little more length on the knuckles and arms than many patterns seem to have. The tubular cast-off, on the other hand, is nice. Seems just now, I’d rather cook, or read, or curl up with a cup of coffee, without ever-present yarn and needles in-hand. I love the slightly variegated Koigu. I’ll wait for the ‘extras’ you promise with the pdf file.

Ravelry: JaceynotJC’s Endpaper Mitts

Sandra November 17, Is the tubular cast-on the same as the cable cast-on? Eilene November 17, I love that your brain works like that!

And I’m mits to hear you’ve not been as motivated to knit lately, I know exctly what endpapr mean Valerie November 16, As soon as I get through the Christmas knitting and figure out if I have tendonitis or carpal tunnelI will be making them. My knitting resolution this year is to learn how to do colorwork and I would love to attempt these! Eunny, you are a very generous person.


Endpaper Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

It Makes the Mitts. I think I will call these my chocolate cover apricot gloves because those are the yummy colors. I’ve wanted to make fingerless mittens for my chilly office for quite a while, but couldn’t decide on a pattern. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern.

I don’t even wear fingerless mitts and I would consider knitting up a pair of those!!! Thanks for the pattern! Attach contrast color and change to larger needles.

When I grow up, I’m enfpaper trying this pattern. I’ve been working on some colorwork mittens recently and have mostly mastered the stranding but for one issue.

I think I want to start a fan club in your honor. These mitts are breathtaking. Denise November 16, Soak in cool water with rinse-free wool wash for 15 minutes; drain thoroughly by squeezing gently against side of emptied sink. A pair is made of two identical, reversible mitts. Hand-Sewn Steeks, Pt 5: I’ve had some yarn set aside for a Norwegian mittens pattern I wrote, but sadly, I haven’t been able to get done due to various other deadlines and what not.