Print you PDF silently using C#; Author: ; Updated: 14 Mar ; we’ll use the suite of software Ghost Script developed by Artifex and. 2) using gsprint, a executable that comes with Ghostview (the GUI for GhostScript ) and who’s able to send PS and PDF files to any printer that. or uninstaller silently, /D sets the default installation directory (It must be . To print to a specified queue, use -sOutputFile=\\spool\NullLPT1.

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Read the comment at the beginning of the latter file for more information.

Enable access to the program and support files for all users with: When looking into the options of printing a PDF file from. Download, and install those programs.

Background printing of PDF documents

Read the section on another page that answers the question, Do you need this method? A side benefit of this method is that WordPerfect now treats your low-cost inkjet printer as if it were a high-powered color PostScript printer. Saved the day for me. Make sure to edit the printer definition as described in step 11 above.

For printer devices, output goes to the default queue. The file will now print fine. You can also read an interesting c acrobat remove text from pdf on this silentt http: Remember that not all devices supported by the Linux versions of Ghostscript are supported in the Windows version.


The whole process is fully automatic and takes only a ghostscrript seconds.

Ghostscript silent printing – Stack Overflow

You may be able to work around this problem by running a separate print job for the the pages that you want to print on special paper pribt example, on an envelope and feeding the special paper into your printer by hand. See the documentation of PostScript files distributed with Ghostscript.

How to print with ghostscript in silent mode Ask Question. Please do not “try a few things” or “experiment with a few steps” in the hope that they might somehow work.

General Windows configuration The hhostscript includes files in these subdirectories: See the section below for information on installing soft fonts for use with these drivers. Finally, they charge you money for this NET code, the only workable approaches where: If you neglected to do so, then you will not be able to save the Shortcut into the default location; you can choose another location, or you, preferably, start over and follow the instructions in step 3.

Using the command ;rint Foxit Reader will exit after printing the document.

Now all you need to do us use a file copy method, like C ‘s File. I can’t begin to explain the frustration I felt using their so called SDK and in the end I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Silent Print Using C#

Just some command line examples: Experiment for best results. NET compatible but not much more. In the Create PrintFile Shortcut dialog, choose the Desktop type; the Storage directory defaults to a subdirectory named Shortcuts under the PrintFile directory, and need not be changed but see the note below if you run Vista or Windows 7.


Click OK to close the Properties dialog, but do not launch the shortcut. Define some environment variable so when the read operation is executed the resulting command will be correct. Can you past an example using de UseGSPrint routine? Remember that you must absolutely, positively not try to use the filenames shown here instead of the actual filenames and pathnames on your system! Please help me out from this situation.

For the sake of simplicity, you may want to change this to “C: I had tried Sumatra with no luck. The output file on your disk is detected by PrintFile as soon as it is created. To accomplish our task, we need to send the required paramaters to gsprint. Using the standard Windows library search method: So adding additional fonts have to be done manually. I have an application exit code in Close button.

Type a space after the quotation mark at the end of the existing line, not inside the existing quotation marks, and sielnt add the following string:.