Agile opossums (Gracilinanus agilis) are found in central South America. This species has been reported in eastern Peru, central Brazil, eastern Bolivia. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Familia: Didelphidae Subfamilia: Didelphinae Tribus: Thylamyini Genus: Gracilinanus Species: Gracilinanus agilis.

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It is hypothesized that this species is particularly vulnerable to parasitism due to their diet. It is a characteristic inhabitant of the gallery forest of southern South America but has broad habitat tolerance.

Animals with bilateral symmetry have dorsal and ventral sides, as well as anterior and posterior ends. Semelparity in a population of Gracilinanus agilis Didelphimorphia: Reproductive season and litter size of Brazilian marsupials.

It is not known whether these species share all reproductive traits, however, given that they share a similar range and both are solitary, nocturnal and arboreal, it is not unlikely that these species ahilis reproductive traits as well. Bianchi and Mendes, ; Bianchi, et al.

Volume 4 Issue 1 Janpp. GradilinanusFrom Argentina. Several pregnant and lactating females have been captured in September to December. Volume 20 Issue 1 Janpp. In the present study, the determinants of home range HR size of males and females of Gracilinanus agilis Burmeister were evaluated in a savanna remnant in central-western Brazil. Gracilinanus agilis agile gracile mouse opossum Facebook.


Gracilinanus – Wikipedia

Patterns of use space by Micoureus demerarae Marsupialia: Volume 25 Issue 3 Janpp. Females lack a true pouch, and the teats remain hidden when the female is not lactating.

Effects of resource availability on the use of space by the mouse opossum Marmosops paulensis Didelphidae in a montane Atlantic forest area in southeastern Brazil. Volume 60 Issue 1 Janpp. Using the method of minimum convex polygon, we estimated the HR of 24 individuals. Limiting resources and territoriality in microtine rodents.

Procyonidae in an area of woodland inserted in an urban environment in Brazil.

Volume 72 Issue 1 Marpp. There is very little information specifically regarding the reproductive behavior of agile opossums; however, research has shown that a female may have agiliis to 12 young with her at a time. Mammalian Biology Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

Volume 82 Issue 6 Novpp. Members of the genus Gracilinanus may grow lifelong, these species are short-lived; however, the rare individuals that survive multiple years tend to be noticeably larger.

Gracilinanus agilis – #2355

The remains of unidentified members of genus Gracilinanus have also been recorded in the scat of ocelotscoatis and striped owls. We used live traps and capture-mark-recapture to estimate HR size. The overlapping areas between pairs of males were larger than those between pairs of females, suggesting that females have territorial behavior as they had mostly exclusive HRs. Brown four-eyed opossum M.

It was separated from the genus Marmosa inand has since had the genera CryptonanusChacodelphysand Hyladelphys removed from it. Agile opossums are primarily insectivorous, similar species Brazilian gracile opossums primarily consume beetlesants and wasps. Volume 11 Issue 1 Janpp. Ecology of the water opossum Chironectes minimus in Atlantic forest streams of southeastern Brazil.


Gracilinanus agilis is not considered to be threatened, in general, but in the specific area of Paraguay, the species is close to being threatened.

Their large range, population size and their ability to live in human-altered habitats makes the outlook for this species positive and stable. Gracile mouse opossums, excluding the fat-tailed mouse opossum, in general, have a prehensile tail that is thin gacilinanus very long. Didelphidae in a Brazilian Cerrado: Rictulariidae from Gracilinanus agilis and G. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Volume 68 Issue 4 Decpp.

Agile gracile opossum

It agikis reported to be an adept climber, and nests made of vegetation have been found 1. Terrestrial small mammal richness and habitat associations in an Amazon forest-Cerrado contact zone. Females have been found with up to 12 young at a time. The effects of reproductive and climatic season on movements in the black-eared opossum Didelphis aurita Wied-Neuwied, Volume 46 Issue 4 Janpp. Volume 31 Issue 4 Janpp.

A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed.

See all formats and pricing Online. Diet of margay, Leopardus wiediiand jaguarundi, Puma yagouroundiCarnivora: Spacing patterns in mobile animals.