System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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In some cases, the POP3 server returned incorrect data which could lead to corrupt attachments. Enabling the cache did not take effect until server restart. Translations of the user interface have been added. Improvements have been made to the live log performance.

SMTP settings

NetLimiter from Locktime Software. It now also works when using terminal services. In the grey listing options you can now choose to bypass greylisting if SPF passes. All the language files have been updated.

If SpamAssassin hanged or crash, hMailServer would hang as well. Many objects in the API has been removed or replaced. The log setting Keep files open has been added to the web interface was added to hMailServer Administrator in v5.

Integration with hMailServer – WebMail Pro documentation

It’s now possible to sort the lists under Undelivered Messages and Live log again. This makes it possible to override the default routing functionality. The file you download has a name of the form hMailServer-version-build.


If a rule was set up to forward message to non-existant accounts, endless loops cound be created. Attachment names containing non-latin characters didn’t always show up properly. The administration program for hMailServer, hMailServer Administrator, requires a screen resolution of x or above.

Installation and configuration of local Mail server for Windows (hMail Server)

The database engine will be hosted by hMailServer which makes hMailServer easier to install. When Documentaion started working with PHP a long time ago, I was naturally looking for a mail server that could be used on my local machine. The way to resolve this issue is to edit the DCOM configuration settings for the object.

Upgrades will not be affected by this change. Upon enabling the integration, you need to apply it for those domains, that’s done by opening the settings and simply clicking Save not required for the domains added after enabling the integration.

The “Maximum number of invalid commands” in the SMTP settings now applies to logon failures as well, which means that the setting can be used to limit the number of invalid SMTP auth attempts. These are all simple steps and if you have any experience as a Windows user, you should be able to skip reading the most of them. The language file is parsed more efficiently.

Listing accounts in larger Active Directory domains sometimes timed out.


If the cipher list contains unsupported ciphers, hMailServer will now report an error but continue running. When changing the number of delivery threads, a restart of the server is no longer needed for the change to take effect.

I am trying to setup my server so all my email comes and goes through my own server. MessageHeaders can now be retrieved using the Headers property on the hMailServer.

This makes it hmaillserver to specify more granular values than before. It’s now possible to run backup’s even the service is running, hmailsever the server isn’t started.

Depending on date formats in the regional options, it was not always possible documenfation save account changes. Install Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the setup. In hMailServer 5, you can use rules to specify which route should be used when delivering a message.

If hMailServer is running on a machine whose host name is mail. When I do the diagnostics in hmailserver, it gives me an external IP address but I dont know what to do with it? After Anti-Spam has been run, the debug log now contains the score docmuentation by the different spam protection mechanisms.