Holotropic Breathwork has ratings and 8 reviews. Rose said: I Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy. Other editions. effect on various emotional and psychosomatic disorders.” Grof and Grof, () Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy, p. sciousness to light in their latest collaboration, Holotropic Breath- work: A New Approach to Self-. Exploration and Therapy. Scholars and seekers alike will enjoy.

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It’s like going from grammar school directly into college! I believe that many of us primal folks repeat our regressions ad nausasem and a point is reached where some nudging is needed when we find ourselves knowing that new next sself-exploration early experience is right around the corner and needs to be processed but just can’t be accessed.

They knew that their patients had been exposed to overwhelming trauma and expected the forthcoming huge emotional cathartic releases they witnessed. Sponsored products for you. I feared I was being pushed beyond my endurance. I had had enough physical pressure and I kept slipping, so he relaxed his hold and I crawled over next to the stage wall to get e traction and pushed with my feet against the wall over and over again to replicate the feeling pressing for release.

Written in a clear, easily understandable style, this indispensable book summarizes their remarkable insights. It this case readers are presented with a tentative, although incomplete, but perhaps plausible examination of the phenomena of “demonic forces” which can present during regressive experiences. I was screaming so loudly that I feared others would think I had truly “flipped out. Let us wish you a happy birthday! Lee rated it liked it Jan 12, This book is not for laypeople, and it’s criminal that isn’t made clear anywhere in its description or introduction.

It is probable that David reminded me to continue holotropic breathing only once or twice, but I was in a place of remembered torture so I considered his reminders as proddings to return to the torment. Undoubtedly, I could not have achieved the completion of the feeling I was in without his encouragement to continue and his applying much pressure to my chest and back, for which I had asked.


Since my therapy of choice is primal, I have only had three holotropic breathwork experiences, two of which were extremely satisfying and, in addition were therapy breakthroughs as well. Jan 22, Sien rated it liked it. The torment seemed endless.

Naturally, the therapist does not want to take a chance of hurting me, but unless I have maximum pressure it never feels as though it is enough and for that reason the connection sometimes seems incomplete. Holotropic Breathwork has again closed ranks with religious dogma in addition to its emphasis on the significance of spirituality.

I enjoyed reading the short section on “Working with demonic energy” in one of the book’s appendices. The material about holotropic breathwork’s therapeutic potential was more interesting, and my interest keep rising as the Grofs discussed the physiological mechanisms of their therapy.

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy

I’ll just quote from an article I wrote about that magical but nonetheless painful breathwork day. If you for some reason have a burning desire to read about the therapy, I guess read this book? Preview — Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof. If you want to have the therapy, just go do it.

The concept of interconnected nests is one I have believed for a long time, and Grof’s work confirms it for me! I could neither proceed with being born nor return to the womb-comfort I had earlier known.

This book is not for laypeople, and it’s criminal that isn’t made clear anywhere in its description or introduction. Peter rated it it was ok Feb 02, Trivia About Holotropic Breath The breathwork utilizes the remarkable healing and transformative potential of nonordinary states of consciousness.

Books by Stanislav Grof. Dont forget ndw “doing what you neurotically fear,” remains an acceptable approach to jumping a place in the line-up of material waiting to be felt. Just that reason alone would suffice for my recommending the Grof’s form of breathwork for primalers who feel blocked in their therapy or even the non-blocked primalers who are curious about what transpersonal psychology is about.


Stan Grof is a solid researcher with many years of experience to back up his methods and conclusions. Then, there are some accounts of people’s experiences.

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy by Stanislav Grof

I have no idea, but I did feel in sublime ecstasy! Do you self-explorayion to read about my session? Catherine Auman rated it really liked it Aug 16, There is a tiny bit of physiology, a bit of psychology, and whole dollops of fringe-psychology and new-agey stuff.

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Do not read this book unless you’re a professional interested in leading breathwork sessions. Developing such an integrated understanding, which combines science, experience, and spirit is critical for the twenty-first century.

I envisioned the other breathers to be lost souls in hell-fire being tortured by devils, personified as the sitters.

Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. Breathwork answers that if that is what is brought up during the holotropic breathing then that is what should be processed. Not what I was expecting. Grof is known for his early studies of LSD and its effects on the psyche—the field of psychedelic psychotherapy. Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. This was in contrast to my last holotropic breathwork session when I was in a literal diabolical Hell.

The later was used by my facilitator in the case story above. When effort during birth had became useless I had become hopeless for relief and sought death as the way to end the torment.