19 items Honeywell Rondostat Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV 1X HONEYWELL RONDOSTAT HRE HR HR Heizkörperregler. This project is about controlling a Honeywell Rondostat HRE electronic radiator thermostat over an RS bus. The idea for this project. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set .

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I wan’t to find maintainer for version 1. It can be abble repair hijack, but it take long time. Another solution would be a software-uart, but this would need much memory Although most of the information has been discovered by other people, I want to repeat it here for honeysell couple of reasons:. And some technical notes: Have anybody any idea?

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I changed only the pid-interval to seconds. Karim, i just tried your latest version of openHR20suite, excelent!!! I know why rondostwt I have solution.

Benefit is that it can be connected outside without open HR Please use recomended compiler WinAVR or disable something on debug.


No problems with compiling and exactly noneywell features added to the original code that I missed.

:Customer reviews: Honeywell Rondostat HR Radiator Thermostat Timer

And even worse, if you try to enter an invalid time, the program crashes. Thats to cold for me. I thought, the HR20 works like this: After last change it is better, but it can be false positive or negative again. If not, I would design one and order some PCBs The serial communication parameters are 8-E-1 that is, 8 bits, even parity and 1 stop bit.

Token or n might get lost.

PE2 is still free!? Hello Jiri, sorry for the delay, but I tried a second different HR20 on the bathroom valve. If I enter I am just busy working on my remote switches with RFM This is wasting battery!

Thanks for your help to understand the code a bit better! This experimental revision try to use constant speed and try to control PWM.

Have to dig deeper into that code first or wait for your solution: However, in Decemberone failed with an error E3 meaning stuck motor. The SW is based on.


The Thermotronic doesnt show the measured temp so I cannot analyze as described in doc. Translate the information into English hondywell of it is in German. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

Windows is the most used OS platform and. Is there any chance that the controller h20e pulses from the postion encoder? HR20 will transmit status packet next minute with PK3 -step 8: This is signalization where motor stop logical level. I think that because of the strong spring in the valve the real valve position shifts a little bit every time the valve is closed.

The temperature overshoots very much.


rondostst A picture of the user interface is attached. I thing that it works, but I haven’t this HW to confirm it. Well isolated room, where is external source of heat. Has somebody a hint for me? Jiri, i know about representation of negative values.