Read I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire (Ravenloft #7) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire is a. I, Strahd has ratings and reviews. Edmund said: This book should be called, What if Dracula won and was a Total Badass! What I learned from t. To win the hand of the beautiful Tatyana, Strahd Von Zarovich, the ruthless leader of the darklords, will do anything, even enter a pact with Death that must be.

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Elrod’s strong prose and excellent pacing are not diminished by being confined to the boundaries of a pre-established universe. This book was a lot better than expected.

This was an excellent read. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Sometimes you find that nostalgic read that takes you back to being a kid, and you smile from start to finish… this was not one of them.

Even at his most loathsome, though, his honor drives him to protect the weak or at least the loyal and drives him to brutal revenge not only in his own name, but in the names of those who served him so faithfully.

If the other entries in the series are anything like this, I’m going to be indisposed for a bit. As a youngster I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Yesterday while we were playing through the Amber Temple with the Hooded Faceless Statues, my Rogue came across an interesting book bounded in black leather. It was also surprising to see that Strahd is a very honor-bond character and not some ruthless, heartless killer.

The Memoirs of a Vampire is a wonderful book. What am I talking about again? This is when he is approached by what he considers “death itself”, and is promised that he will have all of his hearts desires memois a price; in his weekend state he accepts. With that taken care of, Strahd begins his rule. I have to go buy the other books now because it’s not over. I think for the purposes of our game, our DM is aa it cannon, excluding the prologue and epilogue.


I thought I knew much vzmpire Strahd’s story, but this shed some light on parts that were unclear and helped develop his character in a manner that added in a positive way. Also, this is book one about Strahd.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

The Memoirs of a Vampire (I, Strahd) by P N Elrod

Sep 09, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: You may start to think that what Strahd is saying isn’t what really is happening. Sep 13, Larry McCloskey rated it really liked it.

It seemed like nothing happened, even though things strajd.

I’ve listened to this audio book more times than I can count. The Memoirs of a Vampire by P.

I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire

May 19, Andrew Bass rated it it was amazing. As it sets the stage for the true depth of his cursed despair, though, even that is a forgivable literary device. I thought she loved Sergei…at least, I think she did…. It is darker than the current genre of vampire novels and even though it was written by a lady author seems to have a very masculine point of view. Want to add to the discussion?

He becomes a very sympathetic and likeable character and person. When I discovered this book existed, I grabbed a copy and it has been sitting on my shelf for a while. As Strahd grows weary with eternal life, the reader feels that sense of ennui along with him strahr we have all seen and felt his fall from grace.


Strahd’s personality changes surprisingly little, remaining mostly in the realm of Grumpy Old Man with overlays of Emo Teen, occasionally punctuated with vampiric animal kinship oddly reminiscent of Disney. This was an oddly enjoyable book! A Vampire very much in vmpire style of Dracula, with the wolves, bats, and mist.

Once again, it is a beautiful woman that brings about all the strife.

[PDF Download] I Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire: The Ravenloft Covenant (Ravenloft The Covenant

No, but it wasn’t fantastic either. At the risk of spoiling what happens, Strahd, using dark magic, turns into a vampire and just destroys these men that killed off the wedding party guests. With Chiller new covers? So what IS this? Thanks for telling us about the problem. I really hoped they would have remained as a second through the entire book but alas, no. As you can tell by my writing prowess, I didn’t get that English degree for nothing!

No trivia or quizzes yet. I won’t deny that fact. I wanted to look them up again and od expect them to get rereleaced but with the electronic formats I think a lot of out of print niche stuff is going to make a comeback.

Elrod”, Publishers Weekly To win her hand, Strahd will do anything–even enter a pact with death and seal it with his brother’s blood. Retrieved from ” https: A five star Dungeons and Strahv book?