Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft, 4th Edition. Janet Burroway, Florida State University. © | Pearson. Share this page. Janet Burroway offers an introduction to creative writing, covering the four genres : creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and drama. She investigates a specific. Available in: Paperback. Written by best-selling author Janet Burroway, Imaginative Writing — an introduction to creative writing &mdash.

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Wrong About the Horse.

Imaginative Writing

I didn’t get to read the entirety of this book because some weeks I would have time to elmeents into the prompts and some weeks I wouldn’t, but it was very helpful and taught me more about creative writing.

I didn’t always agree with certain terms or theories in the books, but it was a good textbook for a general writing class that needs to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.

She is Robert O. All of the example pieces that were included were interesting and well-written. Who is standing where to tell the story to whom? Excellent writign introduction and overview to the art of creative writing. If her classic “Writing Fiction” was a bit over your head or you want more or you teach high school or college, oof worth owning.

Apr 28, Amanda rated it really liked it. What does it have in it’s pockets?


Personally, I’m not a fan of writing guide books, but for a class assigned book, this is the most helpful one I’ve encountered so far in my college career.

The organization wasn’t useful for a class that covers each genre separately, and I found myself having to supplement the readings with a lot of handouts. For my Intro to Creative Writing course. I could see this useful for teaching a creative writing class, or as a self-guided seminar.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Burroway begins the book in chapters dedicated to the more universal aspects of creative ikaginative such as voice, setting, character, so we read those chapters, studied the different types of work, and freewrote in whatever forms it took.

I’ve also only used this textbook once to teach one class.

Library Resource Finder: Table of Contents for: Imaginative writing : the elements of cr

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Describe someone entirely in negatives: Widen the lens until you have placed that scene in the context of the entire continent.

Trivia About Imaginative Writi I liked how Burroway separated her book into ele,ents. It’s weakness is that it covers four different genres. It’s an easy enough textbook to follow, and the professor did a good job quizzing us on the things that mattered. Dec 03, Cecilia Hernandez rated it did not like it. We had to break into smaller groups and do the critiques at home.


Red Sky in the Morning. The Language of the Brag. Imaginative Writing 4th Burroqay Author s: For a fan of literature as opposed to a practitioner, there’s also a lot to enjoy here, with a feast of short fiction, essays, poems, and plays used as examples. Integrated readings from talented and renowned writers illustrate the chapter topics.

They hate writing in books; when I explained that textbooks are designed to be burtoway in, they either retorted that they still couldn’t bring themselves to do so, or they needed to sell their books back. This was a college textbook I rented for my Creative Writing class. Then, about four weeks into the semester, we focused on CNF. A trade author as well as a professor of creative writing, Burroway brings her years of teaching and writing to this book.

This book was okay, I didn’t object to it or love it. The explanations are clear.

If it is not an answerable question, you’ll find much more written about it.