Istisna sukuk are certificates that carry equal value and are issued with the aim of mobilizing the funds required for producing products that are owned by the. The same type of contract applies to sukuk. In a mudaraba sukuk, the sukuk holders are the silent partners, who don’t participate in the management of the. Istisna sukuk structures have been widely accepted for manufacturing and construction financing purposes. This paper looks at the structural development of.

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The World Bank’s Casual Approach.

The basic rules of Musharakah. Commentary on Monetary Policy in an Islamic Economy. Role for Muslims Globalization: Classification of Islamic Modes of Contract. Rights of the Seller. Remission of the Poor Debtor.

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Sukuk al-istisna’a

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The Structural Development of Istisna Sukuk from a Shariah Perspective

Istisna Istisna as a mode of finance. The World Bank Document. Principles of Distribution of Profit to Mudarba Depositors. Islamic Instruments for Secondary Reserves. Tabung Haji Fund Mobilization: The Variables and Nonvariables in Legal Thought. A Case of Pakistan.

Sukuk al-Istisna –

Granted by Originator as Obligor in favour of Trustee. Non-Farm Loans in Rural Sector. Islamic Money and Banking: Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Capitalist View Factors of Production: First, they usually do not include the product in question subject of Istisna’ and it will be built and delivered by the manufacturer in the future. The following structural refinements are possible in respect of the sukuk al-istisna kstisna described above:.


Experience of Islamic Banks: The Secularized Muslim Elites’ Dilemma. Pakistan Specialised Financial Institutions: