KID1 or. The russian types are either or , high serial numbers are , I also have some data- sheets for the different types. how a Russian KID1 () BCD-Decimal decoder or a 74HC 8-bit You can. Simplifies driving Nixie tubes. Brand new Russian ICs, U.S. equivalents with overrange digit blanking. ENGLISH DATASHEET: DATASHEET PAGE 1.

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Moreover I have a good control with the tube whether the test- IC really works.

Those books are like a huge toolbox full of reliable, working ideas that can be used as building blocks to make whatever one wants to make. The button switch switches between the different test modes I’ll explain later and finally the 3 LEDs show the test results.

Other manufacturers do the same thing–it can definitely be confusing.

Ok, so here is my predicament: I’m serious, what is the answer? Go read a book called “Bebop to the Boolean Boogie” — great book that really tries to make you rethink how electronic design works.

There are 28 transistor drivers on that thing without the 6 digit option and all of the decade counters dataaheet to be cascaded. IF you look at the TI datasheet for their at http: Does this project spark your interest? And, Mouser has them in fair supply, unlike a which are more and more hard to come by; snip Ok, k15id1 wait a minute now I have found larger tubes are fine but smaller tubes can be borderline.


I guess this is what I get for writing rants late at night: Everything else is just convenience. To get current flow, there has to be a pressure difference. What about the timings?

When using a more modern controller running with 3. If you completely omitted the limiting resistor, your nixie would have a VERY short and eventful k155ic1. Typically you have a set of eight Bit-Storages since we live in a binary world.

74141 / K155ID1/ K1551 Nixie Driver IC

The data sheet states and shows in the output schematic that the output is clamped with a 50V K155ud1 between the drain and gate. The electronics and hardware assembly are also equally well detailed, should anyone else want to attempt to replicate his build.

You will find that with higher current, the maintaining voltage goes down.

In this fast-paced time of speedy processors, and all sorts of things only dreamed of when those books datashedt written, one can still get right down to each binary bit, and where it goes, and exactly what it does.

The Western ‘s have protection zener diodes on their outputs, that limit their rise to 60V. As an aside, it’s worth noting that the leading SN is just something that Texas Instruments puts on their parts as a kind of manufacturer’s code; an SN74xx and 74xx are the same part.


KID1 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Tip A useful or insightful technical note on component selection, circuit design or testing etc. In that case use a level shifter. The Russian versions seem to clamp at a higher voltage. This one resistor limits both base current, and collector current, to a maximum of 4.

Datasheets are not always easy to read, especially when you’re not too familiar with the technical background. No contracts, No fees, No Kidding!

Reading Datasheets and Driving Nixie Tubes

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Check out the demo video after the break.

If the code is extremely optimized you may run into problems and if you’re running Your Email Remember me. I had to change my circuit to this second revision, that works with a ZM. On Sun, Jan 3, at 8: He also assures that you will know not only how it works, but how to build things that work reliably over the long term.