The Blood Slaughterer, also known as the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne, is a large, gore-splattered Daemon Engine made of brass and black iron that is. Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model? My box didn’t come with any, and I REALLY don’t want to. Jul 16, as the title suggests, are blood slaughterers any good in regular games of Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have.

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Making them much more intense in close combat. Chaos 2nd Editionthe Blood Slaughterer was phased out of the Chaos army list. If he inflicts a penetrating hit on a transport the unit inside suffers 2D6 Heavy-flamer hits! No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Both are suitable in a khornate lists. Also while on the topic of the Blood Slaughterer, if you want to see a speed painting turorial on how to get one painted in under 1 hour head over to my YouTube channel!

Well FW might be weee bit harder due to the issue that many of those models without instructions happens to be china recasts. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Khorne Blood Slaughterer instructions? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Lets break him down…. This is a rippa of a formation! If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! Next to Obliterators, they were the go-to deep-strikers in 40K being roughly the same size as a dreadnought and frighteningly more powerful.

For the first time since the Horus Heresy, the Slaughterer, now reincarnated in a dark fusion of technology and the touch of the Blood God, crashed in unstoppable waves against the beleaguered defenders of the world, bellowing horrific war cries as they slaughtered their way across the planet. So how did they play?


These guys are also a great way to protect your Brass Scorpion against powerful combat units, lets use an imperial knight as an example. Also, if you played daemons during this harrowing time to be a daemons player, you could take these and they bloos to deep strike like the rest of your army, thus helping you bypass some of the major flaws of the unit; essentially, playing Blooe was the tax for fielding this freight train.

Posted 16 July – How would a khorne mauler fiend set up look like?

Khorne Vehicles Chaos Walkers. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of Tactica: Retrieved from ” http: I’m just bored at work and like being sarcastic.

Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model? Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in.

Blood Slaughterers, however, appear to be machines constructed for the purpose of binding a daemon inside their shell. Normally I am dead against these guys, I find them to be a tad too expensive for what they achieve on the battlefield and feel they are simply outclassed by the other choices in the codex, however, in this formation I think they really work.

For that exchange, it received a beefy new stat line: Sorry crab man but you are not invited.

Chaos Daemons Tactics warhammer 40k. It is surmised by the savants of the Ordo Malleus that Blood Slaughterers are constructed, or otherwise called into being, by the artifice of the Blopd Magi of the Hell-Forge of Sarum — the source of the legend of the Killing Star.

Log in and join the community. In this nightmarish conflict, the most ancient and feared dread enemy of Mankindthe Daemon Primarch Angronled his forces in an attack on the vital Hive World of Armageddon.

Other than that, not much is really remembered about the Blood Slaughterer from 1st and 2nd editions; they were phased out at the end of 2nd and sat out three rules cycles until Forgeworld resurrected them.


Get this guy into your enemy lines and watch him wreck up the place! And if it is open topped they likely took 2D6 In the shooting phase too! The Impaler is only capable of dragging units and vehicles that are no bigger than the Blood Slaughterer itself. How are they size-wise compared to maulerfiends?

Blood Slaughterer | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Not only are there no crappy tax units but the units included are some of our strongest! It was not however until the First War for Armageddon in Ranged attacks come in the form of a 5pt upgrade called the impaler, which in my opinion is an absolute must. Search anything and hit enter. The Slaughterer was daemonically possessed and subject to frenzy. During the conflict the Blood Slaughterer was unleashed on the battlefield as an extremely effective shock assault slaughtrer.

I just knorne at the online pics and the little bit of the guide it comes with.

Blood Slaughterers are another Daemon Engine of Khorne devoted into having the most obnoxious name possible with the word blood in it. Just remember you must fire at least 1 weapon at the unit you plan to charge, this will probably be one of the Hellmaw cannons.

Are Khorne Blood Slaughterers any good?

Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Register now! Started by Lord KallozarJul 16 In the millennia that followed the Horus Heresy, war machines identified or reported under the designation “Slaughterer,” showing a wide variety in size, configuration, and power if not role, were encountered in many different war zones, most rulws the Eye of Terror.

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