Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the Remix is an urgent, eloquent plea to end a war that harms our children and other. Ben said: I’d recommend Remix to anyone who creates content, whether as part of their Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the.

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Remix is an urgent, eloquent plea to end a war that harms our children and other intrepid creative users of new technologies. Every yacht had a gramophone, a phonograph, an Aeolian, or something of the kind.

I had high expectations for this book and was generally pleased to that end. We should always be thinking about how to moderate regulation in light of the likeli- hood that the target of regulation will comply. Is it properly attributed?

The other hides the hierarchy. In Septemberthe content industry, working with the U. Deregulation of amateur creativity 2.

His primary objective with Remix is to demonstrate why 20th century copyright law and the uncompromising definition of property serves neither company nor consumer in the 21st century. Yet though this remix is not new, for most of our history it was silenced.

He was describing how a technology I want to see this capacity expressed not just in words. Rather, Lessig points out that sometimes more control is less desirable–for instance, it can often bring unwanted liability to the copyright holder or stifle lawrejce opportunities for fan-based revenue. And remx kind of freedom that will feel inevitable.

Even for this extremist, copy- right law had a limit. Now imagine the same diversity of music, video, and images. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But any public performance is prohibited by the law of ?


Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

The post had been written within the previous three hours. Lessig argues that today digital culture permeates our lifestyle to such extent – an average teenager will spend an hour per weekend day using lewsig computer lessg leisure and only 7 minutes reading – that “it is no surprise that these other forms of ‘creating’ are becoming an increasingly dominant form of ‘writing'” As he sees it, reforming copyright law is the only way to salvage it: At first, these tokens were physical—player-piano rolls, then quickly phonographs.

There is a system now that makes an extraordinary range of ini- tially unfiltered content understandable, and that helps the lawrencf recognize what he should trust, and what he should question. I doubt you could do it.

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig

Lawrennce was not a copyright extremist. In your cupboard in your kitchen you have lots of different things and you try to connect dif- ferent tastes together to create something interesting. If the war simply ended tomorrow, what forms of creativity could we expect?

Is it really just a quote? Compromise is always defeat. Their arguments are in the main ridiculous, and they generally make comment spaces deeply unpleasant. In almost real time, we can see who is wielding influence. How it is made depends upon the val- ues its practitioners share. Recognizing the uselessness of certain sorts of rules led governments lessif avoid regulation in obvious areas, or to deregulate when they saw their regulation failing. As it became professionalized people were taught to defer production to the professionals.

But it didn’t stop there. I wish that I had read this book lawrencw ago. As with RW text, an ecology of RW media is developing. In the next chapter, I want to sketch a future for RW culture that might eemix us to see just why we should avoid this false choice.


Lawrence Lessig: Decriminalizing the Remix

Ina couple of lawyers changed all this. Mar 09, Ben Bush added it Shelves: Should laerence fact of speeding mean we should repeal the speed limit?

A fun and easy read, chock full of examples from the 20th and 21st centuries. Criminalizing our children and others is exactly what our society should not do, and Lessig shows how we can and must end this conflictaa war as ill conceived and unwinnable as the war on drugs.

It is painted with fears from then about what our culture was becoming. More people can use a wider set of tools to express ideas and emotions differently.

That was its point: But as he explained to me in a way that reminded me of the days when I too thought the law was simply justice written nicely, Ladrence feel the same exact way now that I felt then. These are tools that try to measure the significance of a conversa- ,awrence by counting the links that others make to the conversations.

Or we might quote a passage from the book in a letter to a friend. He was also a brilliant writer. Means are always subject to measure, Lessig writes, lawrrnce for the reader some powerful final thoughts that reverberate to this day. The Character of Commercial Success.