Love and Pain – A Map of Consciousness by Thaddeus Golas, author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment Pages. Language: English ISBN Of “Love and Pain,” his new book, American author Thaddeus Golas explained: “I wrote The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment in language that any reader of. In his note accompanying this essay, Thaddeus Golas wrote, “When you read Love is the action of being in the same space with other beings, which means.

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Love and Pain by Thaddeus Golas

If a system has no will to endure pain, it quickly agrees with differing vibrations and falls apart. As long as organisms are living from moment to moment, without memory or anticipation, there is nothing particularly undesirable about organic reality. It takes a while to realize the implications of this line of thought. It is a deeper investigation of his metaphysical message; a more modern and more complete look at his metaphysical map — by some accounts his “masterpiece”!

The bus is always a bus full of people, but they are not always the same people. What I do offer in Love and Pain is a clear understanding of the real benefits that any person may expect from prolonging consciousness.

Even Lazier Publishing – LOVE AND PAIN

Such claims and habits of thought inevitably lead to absurdities like killing heretics and nonbelievers, and claiming divine approval of wars. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. As loge beings, as systems, we are an available experience for wandering entities.


The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment caught-on like wild fire, and Golas, the reluctant guru, became a bit of a sensation. Certainly we should be mature enough to understand the structural necessity of disagreeability and pain.

One vibrating entity may be expanded whenever its neighbor is contracted, and vice versa, repeatedly. Thank you for sharing The Sun.

Sandrine Guarino marked it as to-read Jan 11, The fact that pain occurs does not always mean that there is ghaddeus aggressor in the woodpile. It is important to understand, because it is so hard for the intellect to accept, that consciousness is utterly useless to us. Organisms feel pretty good, usually, within their walls of insulation, but they can feel only limited pleasure in relation to other organisms.

No one is exempt. Wnd too often the invitation to be loving is degraded into manipulation: Thaddeus Golas was a witness to the 20th Century’s great upheavals.

Understanding Pain

In subsequent essays — published in The Sun in Issues 6982and 85 — Thaddeus expanded some of this themes, and revised some of his thinking.

The rewards are truly much more profound than anything we can enjoy on Earth. So much praiseworthy effort, so many large charitable organizations, so much political wind-making, so large a bureaucratic machine, so many grandiose religions — all are based on the assumption that someone somewhere ought to be relieved of pain.


For instance, when we understand that a component of a system feels good when it is walled-off and insulated from other systems, then we can cease the useless effort of urging people to blur into one identical mush.

Love and Pain

What is the weakness of criminals but the insistence on instant gratification regardless of consequences? We cannot build a heaven on Earth for the qnd reason that heaven has no matter and no energy in it. There is no cosmic reward or punishment for human behavior. Sylvain rated it it was amazing Nov 24, That is the logic of initiation rituals. We have tried many answers to such questions, loce rooted in the puzzle of what the spirit is and what it does.

One result is our local earthly reality, in which barriers of all kinds are commonplace.

The world of absolute consciousness is completely indifferent to anything we are doing or not doing on earth. There are great advantages in the information in this book: Some provide pleasant feelings. John Defone rated it it was amazing Jan 04, The Guide is still very significant to all those who sense the consciousness with which it was written but Thaddeus goes deeper with [The Collected Works of Thaddeus Pqin Vol.