Love Reborn (Dead Beautiful, book 3) by Yvonne Woon – book cover, description , publication history. : Love Reborn (A Dead Beautiful Novel) (): Yvonne Woon: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Ren e and Dante must make it to the Netherworld before the time Love Reborn: A Dead Beautiful Novel – Kindle edition by Yvonne Woon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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yvnne Overall, this series was good. January 7th by Disney-Hyperion A Witch in Love. You’re only in the first book, then forgotten about, then Miraculously are mentioned again in, like, a Single Sentence in the third book?!

Dreamless Awakeningbook 2 Josephine Angelini.

Wisdom My Blood Approves, 4. They end up traveling to the Netherlands, Germany and Bavaria. It was still a good book though- full of adventure and discovery and what not. I guess I was just expecting more from this series when it ended. Maybe it was just me thoughbut I wanted more the entire time I read t I’ve always hated endings. Well, that didn’t happen.

It started to become less and less intriguing and almost became rather boring. If Anya remembers Renee, will Noah remember her as well, and still love her?


So was it worth the wait? Love Reborn is worse than the two books before it. The third novel in the acclaimed Dead Beautiful series is a haunting story of sacrifice, loyalty, and a love that can never die.

Rebodn is so close to withering away and they were running out of time.

Love Reborn

That bit feels like it was meant to be developed, but was then completely dropped. At least that one has a matching cover. Who was Theo supposed to fall in love with? It made me angry with how Renee treated him and how much she distrusted his judgment. Anyway it was really good. Bt it was disappointing They seek the Netherworld, a legendary chasm where souls go to be cleansed.

Love Reborn by Yvonne Woon – review

Will she forget the day after, or won’t she now woob she met up with the alive Dante? Which is hard to find these days. The love that can never die is much more general.

But they are fairly close to human beings. I was like ‘NO! I would really recommend this book and also this series. I’m not sure I can wait much longer!!!! Zombies, for those of you who never read this trilogy.

These are two of my favorite leads and together couples in the whole literary world, and It’s just so bittersweet to say good bye to them.


I guess you do.

Other then that, not so much. They were human before they died. But now I feel the need to rant Shadows in the Silence. Theo was a nice add to the story; as the only boys we really meet are undead or fancy Renee. I feel like the ending was cut short.

The soul they share cannot sustain them both, and they’re quickly running out of time. Still, there was a point when I was like “I just want to be done with this book” and I can’t exactly say why. Dead Beautiful 3 books. Me, waiting for a long time, and then when it is here and I am all excited it either gets delayed, the paperback disa First of all, I finally decided to just buy the hard cover.

Noah is my fav.

Love Reborn by Yvonne Woon – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

Jan 25, Annie rated it really liked it. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The finale scene in this bookjust wow.