Developer. The developer portal includes all the resources required to start building your own custom local and remote Maltego transforms. The portal also. This page includes a user guide for Maltego, transform guides as well as links to our Youtube channel that includes videos tutorials on using Maltego. The first setting in the Manual Links settings allows you to choose if the Edit properties dialog should open when a new manual.

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Running manuaal transforms is almost always a bad idea as it is important to know what you are running and where the transform is getting the information from. The graph below shows the example graph using the diverse descent view: In the bottom, right-hand corner of the Application dropdown menu, the Options button can be found:.

Clicking the Reload button will force Maltego to reload the proxy settings from the system in case of any changes to the system settings are made. Mlatego the transform output font size. The properties — these are additional information fields for the entity Adding an Entity to your Graph To add a new entity to your graph, click and hold on the desired entity and drag it onto the graph area as depicted below: The closer the entities are to each other the more connected they are.

Entity attachment Notes The Notes tab includes a large text area where a note for an entity can be added or modified. The options button Next to the Options button, there is also an Exit button which, when clicked, will close the Maltego application.


Entity with mwltego attachment Font Sizes Figure List of graphs that are currently malgego The last button in the tab bar will maximize the graph window and minimize all other windows in the Maltego client as shown in the image below. When new entities are returned to the graph, only entities that are closely connected to the returned entities are moved instead of the entire graph laying out again maltevo time new results are returned.

When running multiple transforms, you can click on the transform progress to see which transform is currently running: Clicking the Set Recommended Options button will detect which versions of Java is installed on the machine and set the most suitable one, it will also automatically allocate memory for Maltego to use depending on how much memory is available on the system.

The next tab in the Options menu is the Java Options.

Maltego User Guide

Any changes that are made to the Java Options will be applied the next time Maltego is run. Ball size by all links — Entities are sized according to the total number of links incoming and outgoing it has. Entity Notes Figure Double clicking the graph tab will also maximize the graph window.

Note that the colors are not always the same — e. Full screen mode – Makes your Maltego client full screen shown in the image below.

There are four standard layouts. You will see the selection circle appear around it. Again, the image below shows a comparison of two different font sizes set for this option: From the Collections tab, the rule ratio for collection nodes can be set. Malteog pan around your graph, right-click and hold while moving the mouse mannual the desired direction.


Each set also has a configure button which, when pressed, will open the set configuration window that will allow you to configure the transforms that are included in the set.

Maltego User Guide

New Graph Entity Palette Entities Entities in Maltego are used to represent different types of information and are represented as nodes on your graph. On the right-hand side of the Home page you will find the Transform Hub. This dialog can be closed again by manial the [X] in the top right-hand corning of the dialog box.

Custom views can be created from the Manage View window that can be opened from the dropdown menu shown below:.

Select default web browser for Maltego to use Proxy settings Proxies are often used within corporate networks as methods of controlling how clients within the network get amltego to the Internet. This page includes a list of the most commonly asked questions as well as their answers.

From the Files tab, you can choose whether images from a graph are saved with the Maltego graph file.

When running multiple transforms on multiple entities the progress bar will give an indication of the overall progress of all transforms. The entity selection behavior and functionality is identical ,altego the entity view and the list view. Graphs that have not been saved yet will be displayed as New Graph number.